Nate Diaz: “Jorge Masvidal Was Ready to Give Up”

You’ve got to love Nate Diaz, but he does say some crazy things. The Stockton fighter is one of the most popular athletes on the UFC roster. If not for him, there wouldn’t have been a BMF title. In short, that was his brainwave, after he called out Jorge Masvidal. The pair fought at UFC 244 in New York, with ‘Gamebred’ getting the win.

But it didn’t come the way anybody wanted. After the doctor stopped the fight, Masvidal got a TKO win. Unfortunately, it took the gloss of an exceptional performance by the Cuban-American fighter. However, now Diaz is actually claiming that he had Masvidal on the ropes. Did he watch the same fight?

Despite taking a beating for three rounds, Diaz believes that Masvidal was ready to quit. Yes really. Check out his comments below. Do you agree or do you think the Stockton fighter is just delusional?


Let’s be real, Masvidal put on a striking clinic against Diaz. Although you have to give credit to the Stockton man for his toughness, he got lit up his east coast rival. Also, for some reason, there’s a narrative going around that Diaz was just getting started. Contrary to this, the reality is that Diaz has never won a fight that went past the third round. So it makes no sense that he tweeted:

“This is the time in the fight where him and I realized he didn’t wanna be in this fight anymore.”

Masvidal literally started the fight with a fake flying knee. The man definitely wanted to be there. However, if this is an effort by Diaz to try and lure ‘Gamebred’ into a rematch, it’s unlikely to work. The UFC just isn’t interested in making that rematch. However, Masvidal would be open to it.

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Michael Bisping has condemned Diaz for his words. The former middleweight champion doesn’t like it when people make excuses. In short, he won his title with one eye so of course, he doesn’t like this sort of thing. He slammed Diaz on a recent episode of his BYM podcast. Bisping said:

“Listen, I love to watch Nate fight and I love to watch Nick fight. “I am a huge fan of both of them, I really am. There was no way I was missing that fight on Saturday. There was no way I was missing the Pettis fight. They’re great fighters.

They bring excitement every time. And you’re right there is that aura, that element of there’s a wildness. You don’t know what they’re gonna do and what they’re gonna say, and that’s part of the attraction. I get that, but by losing this fight and then saying, ‘okay I’m gonna retire,’ because it didn’t go his way and then to start coming out with conspiracy theories and things like that. It’s wholly unattractive.”

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No Respect

Diaz said that he’s out in a cryptic tweet. But nobody really believes that. ‘The Count has little time for this playacting. Furthermore, it makes Diaz look petty. Bisping doesn’t respect him for it.

“For him to say, ‘I’m gonna retire,’ he’s only hurting himself,” Bisping continued. “He’s in his mid-30s. I don’t know what is he like, 32? 33? 34, maybe something like that. This window doesn’t last forever. I don’t know what he got paid in New York, but it would’ve been a lot of money I guarantee you that. It was probably in the region of a couple million dollars I would assume. The window of a fighter doesn’t stick around forever. That window does not stay open. Get in, make as much money as you can while you can. He’s only hurting himself.”

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