Nick Diaz Wants Jorge Masvidal Stadium Fight

Nick Diaz is a massive star in the MMA world. Even though he hasn’t fought for almost five years, he’s still a cult hero. His younger brother Nate might have fought for the BMF title, but Nick is the one with the biggest claim to that title. Everything about the elder Diaz screams gangster.

Diaz hasn’t fought since his no-contest against Anderson Silva. After initially being banned for five years after marijuana use, the Stockton star’s suspension was reduced to 18 months. He’s still resentful and hasn’t come close to fighting since then. But the fire is still burning inside him.

Now it looks like he’s interested in avenging his brother’s defeat to Jorge Masvidal. Can you imagine that clash? Diaz is already talking about a fight in Cowboy Stadium. In an interview with Ariel Helwani, he made his feelings very clear. Despite being a little bit crazy, Diaz is still one of the most compelling figures in MMA today.

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The elder Diaz definitely isn’t a fan of Jorge Masvidal. ‘Gamebred’ just beat up his little brother, so that probably shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Now Nick is even talking about putting his gloves back on. He slammed Masvidal for his reaction to winning. Could he be ready to come back and take on the BMF champion?

”You want to talk about baptizing my younger brother? That’s on you,” Diaz said. “I never had nothing disrespectful to say. But you don’t talk about baptizing my younger brother. You’re already in a f*king position if you fight with me. You don’t talk like that to nobody. My brother just got kicked in his face,” he said. “He’s having a really hard week, and I can fight.”

Major Draw

It’s been five years since Diaz last fought. But he insists that he hasn’t retired. In short, he feels undervalued by the UFC. Diaz compared his situation and drawing power to that of Canelo Alvarez. It’s an interesting point because the MMA star is still a massive name in the sport. He would love a stadium fight, but can you really imagine that happening?

”You know there’s more money in this,” Nick Diaz said. “Hell, you want to do something big, do it at Cowboy Stadium. You’ve got f*cking Canelos and other things happening at Cowboy Stadium. The biggest thing I did, as far as I’m concerned was UNLV. That seemed like a really big place.”

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Stadium Fight

Diaz reemphasised that his MMA career isn’t over. He’ll fight under the right conditions. To sum up, it would be very difficult to turn down a stadium fight. Would the UFC be willing to sanction that? In the right circumstances, you can bet that they would. So Jorge Masvidal should get on this.

”I explained to you exactly what’s going on, so it’s on you folks,” Diaz said. “It’s on you Dana. It’s on you UFC. It’s on them. It’s in your hands now – Cowboy Stadium.”

Masvidal v Diaz in Cowboy Stadium. Now that would truly be something extraordinary.

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