Damn…Nate Diaz BURNS everyone involved with Mayweather vs. McGregor…

Putting it simply, this week has been insane. During four press conferences in three countries, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have dominated the headlines. August 26 cannot come quick enough for their fans.

It wasn’t all rosy, though, as the live events were fraught with errors, production blips and controversy. McGregor’s comments about being black, and Mayweather’s homophobia on show, the entire tour was essentially a circus. At times it was like watching pro wrestling.

That’s not to say it wasn’t still a fun watch, well at least for most of us.

Conor McGregor pulled out all the stops, including getting undressed, air humping, making it rain, homophobic slurs, staredowns and more…

Guess Who Wasn’t Impressed

Watching from the sidelines of combat sports is a man all too familiar with Conor McGregor. You guessed it, Nate Diaz gve zero f*cks about the Mayweather vs. McGregor tour. Having fought and beat McGregor at UFC 196, Diaz has been campaigning for a rematch since their rematch at UFC 202.

Beating his foe narrowly on the scorecards, ‘The Notorious’ went off to pastures greener after their second bout. This hasn’t stopped Diaz from blasting McGregor at every opportunity, and that includes during this week’s press tour:


This fight was ended with punches #tko I just threw in a choke in for fun Just so they no #bereal ????

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They can’t handle this Realness Thats why they had to weed me out..

Diaz’s rivalry with McGregor will likely never reach it’s deserved trilogy. Soon after their second bout, UFC president Dana White unashamedly said McGregor was ‘too special’ to put against Diaz again.


Regardless of how you feel about either man, it’s fair to say everyone would win if a third match was booked.

Little bitches ???????????????? Got your ass beat You lost bitch . Im the champ…

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Diaz Says McGregor’s Boxing is Amateur

During an interview with ES News, Nate Diaz said that McGregor’s boxing is amateur at best. According to Diaz, he is not completely done fighting, either:

“I think this is a big publicity stunt, but McGregor has a good shot to make something happen in two to three rounds,” Diaz said in a recent interview.

“But I think he has an amateur style where he only has good movement and punches for six to eight minutes, and that’s too amateur for Mayweather. I’m just saying, he’s got a puncher’s chance if anything.”

“But when it comes to his skill and technique he has an amateur style. Anybody can be good for nine, six, seven minutes. They all have that puncher’s chance but this guy (Mayweather) is ready to go round after round, and he’s a hard person to get ahold of.

“But who knows?”

“I was in negotiation issues with the UFC, so I was talking to boxing promotions. I talked to the UFC about it but they weren’t having it at all. It’s the same thing, they are going gun ho with him, but not promoting me. I would be willing to fight. I’m open to keep fighting in martial arts or going in to boxing also.”

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