WATCH: Eddie Hearn Confirms That He Will Offer Conor McGregor a Mega Money Deal to Fight His Former Sparring Partner Paulie Malignaggi…

It’s no secret that Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi are not the best of friends. The pair first crossed paths when the New Yorker and former IBF and WBA welterweight title was brought in to help McGregor prepare for his boxing debut with Floyd Mayweather.

What happened next went viral. Video footage of McGregor dropping Malignaggi – or the “Magic Man” losing balance – circulated the internet as ‘The Notorious” tried to hype his skills in the build-up to his clash with Mayweather. Malignaggi was furious with what he considered to be a misrepresentation of what happened and stormed out of the training camp.

Now, if Eddie Hearn has his way, the pair will box on the new streaming service DAZN, which is being called Netflix for sports. It’s highly unlikely that the UFC will allow McGregor to box again – unless the price is right. DAZN have already signed Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez to a massive contract, so they clearly have money in the pot.


As you can see from the footage above, Hearn was with Malignaggi and the pair are deadly serious about the potential offer. One of the most famous promoters in the world, Hearn also works with the likes of British heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua. Hearn said:

“I said to Conor McGregor’s guys… I’m going to float the numbers to them and see what they think. 

I think, as I said to Conor McGregor’s guys, maybe he can beat Paulie Malignaggi. I don’t know. I don’t think he beats Khabib. He’s (Paulie) been living the good life since he’s been retired, so you never know how he’s going to be coming back. I’ll tell you one thing: it is a good fight.”


There are actually far worse ideas for McGregor than a potential big money boxing match against Malignaggi. It has the marketing appeal to pull it off and would earn him more money than any other fight except a rematch with Khabib. Malignaggi is 37 and his most recent fight was a KO defeat in 2017 to Sam Eggington – even if Wikipedia says differently, as you can see below.

He was a genuinely skilled fighter in his prime, although appears to be well past that. McGregor is a mediocre boxer though and this could genuinely be a close contest. It remains unlikely though, as The Notorious looks to step back in and climb back up the ranks of the UFC.

Screenshot: Wikipedia.

Trash Talk

This is a relationship that is genuinely toxic. Malignaggi seems to erupt every time the name McGregor is mentioned and revels in the Irishman’s misfortune. Meanwhile, ‘The Notorious’ enjoys annoying him every now and again. Malignaggi recently told SunSport:

“Conor doesn’t want to fight me. If he wanted to do anything first and foremost he would have shown the right footage. He still goes on about it now, but the fact is him and his team have nothing – they have to keep selling this story because they have nothing in reality.

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