Conor McGregor seems to have raised a storm with his recent accusations. Responding with a scathing statement, the NSAC isn’t impressed at all…

Little over one month removed from Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, there’s still a lot of talks focused on the fight. Crossing over from MMA in a historic first, McGregor’s failed attempt to steal Mayweather’s ‘0’ was intriguing.

Albeit all about the money, the pitting of MMA vs. boxing in the latter’s realm raised intense debates. ‘All he needs is one punch,’ said McGregor’s fans. Turns out he landed more than any of Mayweather’s latest opponents, but the Irishman still couldn’t get the finish.

Inevitably it was Mayweather’s gameplan that won the day. Ending the fight by TKO in the tenth round, Mayweather’s point about knowledge and ring craft was proved. After all was said and done, a mixed martial artist was no match for a boxer in the squared ring.

But McGregor has not been as accepting…

Conor McGregor made some very controversial accusations this week, and the Nevada Athletic Commission has responded…

McGregor Accuses Byrd of Being Incompetent & Unfair

Speaking with MMA Fighting, McGregor accused Robert Byrd, husband of judge Adelaide Byrd, of stopping the fight early. He also claims Byrd was favoring Floyd throughout the fight:

“Adalaide Byrd’s husband Robert Byrd, that’s all I’ll say on that. That’s her husband. He had a vendetta against me straight off the bat. Early exchanges in the tie up, instead of just separating he would reach around and pull me away.

“That takes energy away from me. I started getting – not paranoid – but I just started analyzing the whole thing a bit deeper. I felt like I got the short end of the stick here.”

“When we came face to face and we were doing the rules thing, he was only staring at me. I’m looking at him staring at me and I could see in my peripheral vision that he was looking at me and not looking at Floyd,” he said.

“I was going to say, ‘He’s fighting as well, mate. Give him the f**king rules. I don’t know, what was going on there? Every time we tied he literally wrestled me off him. It is what it is, I knew I wasn’t going to get a fair shake out there.”

NSAC Fires Back

NSAC official Bob Bennett reacted to McGregor’s comments, and he was not happy at all.

“All I can say is we did our job. That’s what we get paid to do and that’s what we did. I find it very disappointing that Conor would make derogatory remarks that the fight was stopped too early when really the timing of referee Robert Byrd’s stoppage was impeccable.

We looked out for his health and safety. We did everything we could to ensure it was a level playing field. I think the fight was very exciting. The fans loved it. The health and safety of the fighter was always at the forefront, from the beginning of the fight.”

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Conor McGregor outlanded some of the modern boxing greats in comparison to their efforts against Floyd Mayweather…

There’s no doubt Conor did a phenomenal job, fighting a future Hall of Famer. Obviously, Floyd had his game plan that worked as well. The actual stoppage, we looked out for the health and safety of the fighter, which is our responsibility.”

McGregor also pointed out the GGG vs. Canelo connection:

“The referee was a weird one now the more I look back on it. Especially after Adalaide Bird had that thing with the Canelo and GGG fight, that was her,” he explained.

“Adalaide and Robert Byrd are husband and wife, that’s a bit weird, that’s when I started looking back on the fight.”

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