The chronicles of Xu Xiaodong continue to rage on. Just a few months after the story of an MMA fighter serving a beatdown to a would-be Tai Chi master, Xiaodong is back in the headlines. This time, police officers prevented a mass brawl from breaking out.

MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong is back at it again

Last Monday, the Shanghai police force foiled a plotted mass brawl set to take place between MMA fighters and Tai Chi practitioners. The fight is the latest in a series of fights that has captivated the Chinese martial arts community. It is also rumored that even the Chinese government is involved to squash the beef between the two factions.

At the apex is MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong, who started this epidemic months ago with a beatdown of a Tai Chi master. It was all captured on video and in this day and age, that kind of stuff spreads like wildfire.

The MMA fighter needed only 10 seconds to take care of the Tai Chi master, and it wasn’t pretty. The video immediately went viral on social media.

Traditional Martial Arts vs MMA

The close-knit martial arts community had mixed reactions. Some knew all too well that MMA was the real deal and that it would be tough to beat a real fighter. Others still believed in fairy tales and believed that traditional martial artists still ruled the land. As a result of his overnight popularity however, the MMA fighter now has many new challenges from other martial artists.

Since then, other “traditional” martial artists have challenged Xu Xiaodong to matches. The challenges, he gladly accepted.

To be fair, Xu said that he is also a fan of traditional Chinese martial arts. However, he stressed that he thought they were “all about form but not practical”. Tai Chi of course “could not be compared to real combat tactics”.

Chinese multi-millionaire Mr. Chen Sheng has recently offered over 10-million Chinese yuan (nearly $2-million dollars) to any traditional martial artist who can defeat Xu. Mr. Chen, who is known as the founder of the wildly popular non-alcoholic beverage “Tiandi”, said he wanted to “defend the dignity” of martial artists.


Check out the new video here

Just moments before the group was set to throw down, Shanghai Police stormed the area. Videos posted on social media show the exact instance when police try to apprehend Xu Xiaodong. This is in regards to a report from the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

In the video, Xu Xiaoding is heard telling police: “I will certainly cooperate but don’t push me. You won’t be able to push me!”

Shortly after, Xu Xiaodong is seen being apprehended and escorted away from the area. Pretty intense scene. Can you imagine if it was allowed to go down? However, if the police think they can stop this sort of thing without arresting anyone, they could be wrong. All the proponents have to do is wait a little while for things to cool down before starting something again.

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