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UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor took a massive hit at UFC 196. It wasn’t only in the octagon where the Irishman fell against his opponent Nate Diaz, but also in the pre-fight trash talking stakes.

Normally known for being able to dominate his opponents in mental warfare, ‘The Notorious’ appeared to have met his match in Diaz. The Stockton bad boy wasn’t about to let McGregor mess with his head, and in fact got the better of the sharp tongued featherweight boss at the press conference.


Nate Diaz responded to Conor McGregor insulting his team mates with an instantly classic line. He claimed McGregor was ‘playing touch butt in the park with that dork with the ponytail.’

It was a moment that went viral in seconds, and the internet is still obsessed with this hilarious line. Diaz was of course referring to McGregor’s movement coach Ido Portal, who’d been filmed using some very unique training methods with the Irishman.


Ever since the fantastic feud with McGregor and Diaz, we’ve been waiting for a second serving of beef. The two are now set to face off on August 20 as the main event of UFC 202, so what’s changed in McGregor’s camp?

He’s once again facing Diaz at welterweight, so surely a shift in how he’s preparing is in the works?

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