PIC: Conor McGregor Hangs Out With Irish Gangsters Before Bus Attack

The Notorious Lives Up to His Reputation By Hanging Out With Irish Gangsters Before the UFC 223 Bus Attack… 

Another day, another Conor McGregor controversy. The Irishman is keeping his head down right now, after a busy week of causing mayhem. McGregor attacked a UFC press bus with a crew of about 20 men, throwing dollies, trash cans and various other heavy objects at the vehicle.

Needless to say, this didn’t go down well with the UFC or the State of New York. The NYPD put out a warrant for McGregor’s arrest and the ‘Notorious’ handed himself in. He was allowed to leave the country after being released on bail of $50, 000. A hearing will take place in June, with a maximum sentence of ten years possible.

However, now more controversy is rising from the fact that McGregor was pictured on social media in a photograph with two notorious Irish criminals. Jonathan and Andrew Murray are not two men you would want your child to hang out with. McGregor’s reputation takes another hit.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Real Gangsters

Both Khabib Nurmagamedov and Kevin Lee have made a big deal out of the fact that McGregor is pretending to be a gangster. When the Murray brothers are without a doubt the real thing. They’ve 66 convictions between the pair of them, including for assault and drug dealing.

We’ve managed to find the picture and you can see it below. This is despite it being deleted off of social media. It’s fair to speculate that McGregor is in a precarious position with some of his sponsors, so posing with gangsters might not be the smartest move right now. The caption on the post said:

“We took over an we done it in Gucci style hahaha we took there birds clothes they fitt nice we didn’t do it f*****g mafia style we done it f*****g Don style.”

Legal Battle

Conor McGregor is facing the legal battle of his life after injuring Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg during the UFC 223 bus attack. Chiesa suffered lacerations to his face, while Borg got glass in his eye. Both men had to withdraw from their respective fights, costing them potential win bonuses. Chiesa is definitely going to sue, while Borg remains uncertain.

Flyweight champion Rose Namajunas also suffered from shock during the crazy event. She has spoken about how she wasn’t sure if it was a terrorist attack or something similar. Meanwhile, the UFC themselves have grounds to take a case against McGregor for costing them a lot of money and causing a whole lot of trouble.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Return to Action?

However, the one good thing from this is that we might see McGregor back in the octagon a lot sooner than we expected. The Irishman hasn’t fought in MMA since 2016. That looks set to change, simply because a lavish lifestyle, combined with legal costs, could quickly eat up his $100 million back balance.

Khabib Nurmagamedov looks the most likely next opponent for McGregor as the attack was specifically directed at him. If that fight takes place in Russia as expected, it could be the biggest in the history of the UFC.

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