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This is Absolutely Magnificent by Conor McGregor… A Phenomenal Gesture Could Be The Difference in Changing a Child’s Life…

Say what you like about Conor McGregor, but what thing that is absolutely certain is that the man has a heart of gold. He regularly donates and raises money for the Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin – Ireland’s main pediatric hospital – and has intervened in other cases.

His soft side is often hidden by his brash personality and the fact that he spends a lot of time surrounding himself in controversy. When you add in the fact that it’s very rare he actually discusses his charity work, it’s clear why his many donations tend to go under the radar.

A lot of stories on social media tend to focus on the negative aspects of fighters. We’re going to give this story the attention it deserves. McGregor has donated almost $12,000 of his own money so that a 5-year old boy could have a life-saving operation.


Now first of all, if you’re one of the morons who think that McGregor dropping €10,000 is nothing because he has millions in the bank, then you’re an idiot. The point is that he didn’t have to and he has in no way sought attention for doing so. He was approached on Twitter by the Grainne McCullough, the mother of Bryan Buckley.

Young Bryan went into septic shock last year and spent time on life support. He needed dialysis as well as blood and platelet transfusions and spent 11 weeks in the hospital. He cannot speak and is fed through a nasal tube, but as he can pull it out, his mother has been desperately trying to raise funds so that he can attend a private consultant and get a feeding tube fitted into his stomach.


This is truly a life-changing gesture. Ms. McGullough set her target at €10,000 and tagged McGregor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin in a tweet asking for their support. She could never have expected what happened next. Maybe the desperate mother was hoping that they’d retweet to their millions of fans.

However, McGregor went even further than that. He immediately met her intended target, with absolutely no questions asked. If anybody is questioning the authenticity of Buckley’s situation, it’s entirely genuine. His mother has been on Irish radio all week, trying to get her son’s life back on track.

Not All Bad

McGregor has come in for a lot of negative press in the last week, after his press-conference with Khabib Nurmagamedov. He’s due to fight the Russian on October 6, in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile Arena. He was criticised for his lack of self-control and inability to sit down. That’s all theatre at the end of the day, business will be settled in just over a week.

In the meantime, he’s casually using his new-found privilege and wealth for the greater good, without making a song and dance about it. It has to be respected. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to appreciate it.

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