Conor McGregor Has Shown Contempt for TJ Dillashaw in the Past… Now ‘The Notorious’ Has Taken it to Another Level by Sneering the Former Bantamweight Champion Who Was Popped by USADA… 

Yesterday TJ Dillashaw stunned the MMA world by announcing that he would be vacating his title after he failed a USADA drug test. The New York Athletic State Commission acted to hit him with a $10,000 fine and a one-year suspension, retroactive to January when he fought Henry Cejudo.

Now Dillashaw’s career is going to have an asterisk beside it for eternity, like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. That’s not the reason he would have been wanted to be compared to those two other amazing fighters. Now after having the chance to become a double champion two months ago, he’s suddenly beltless.

One fighter who has no pity for Dillashaw is Conor McGregor. The former lightweight and featherweight champion launched a snide attack at a fighter he has disrespected in the past. Check out the tweet below.

Snake in the Grass

During his season as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter series, McGregor famously branded Dillashaw as a ‘snake in the grass’ when he was there as a coach with Urijah Faber. The moniker stuck after he left Team Alpha Male with Duane Ludwig, with Cody Garbrand calling him it a lot.

Now McGregor is back with the snake references. He took aim at Dillashaw saying:

“I called that little snake way back. I’m the new St. Patrick.”


You probably won’t be surprised then that Cody Garbrandt also showed no love to his archnemesis. You can see his tweet above. More interesting though is the fact that he accused Dillashaw way back in 2017 of using banned substances to gain an advantage. The following exchange went down at the UFC 217 pre-fight press conference:

Garbrandt: Oh, yeah, the guy’s on everything.

Dillashaw (sarcastically): Yeah, I’m on everything. They test me every day. I’m on everything.

Garbrandt: Funny, you’re the one who showed everyone how to do it on Team Alpha Male.

End of the Line

It’s going to be fascinating to see where the UFC goes next with the bantamweight division. At 135, Marlon Moraes has established himself as the top-contender thanks to a series of brutal knockouts. The Brazilian will probably fight it out against Pedro Munhoz – who just knocked out Cody Garbrandt – or Henry Cejudo.

Cejudo is really pushing for that bantamweight title shot. He’s tweeted that instead of talking about flyweight or bantamweight, we should just be talking about the ‘Cejudoweight’ division. No. No we shouldn’t. However, the UFC might decide to back their champion and let him get a chance to establish himself as the best of the small guys. It’s all about damage repair right now.

Meanwhile, Dillashaw will have to sit in the wilderness for a year. While there has been no report as of yet about what he tested for, he can expect to be labelled a cheater when he returns. It’s going to be a tough road back to the top.

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