Conor McGregor and Dana White are feuding again…

There was a time when these two men were arm-in-arm. However, those days are long in the past. The UFC thought they could control Conor McGregor, but they never expected how his fame would spiral so crazily. Now he’s one of the most controversial sports personalities on the planet.

McGregor last fought in October 2018. He lost in the third round by submission to Khabib Nurmagamedov. Then the two men’s teams got into a brawl and they were both suspended. Since then, McGregor has been on the sidelines. Khabib has fought once this year.

But it’s believed that McGregor wants the rematch. However, Dana White insists that is not going to happen. ‘The Notorious’ needs to get back in line and climb up the ladder. Now McGregor has responded and he’s not happy at all.

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Not Happening

White told Boston Sport that Khabib Nurmagamedov is in control of his own destiny. If he doesn’t want to fight McGregor then the UFC won’t make him. It’s a crazy turnaround for the Irishman who is used to getting his own way. However, the fans have lost interest in him after a series of unsavoury incidents. White summed the situation up:

“Khabib is the man now. Conor isn’t the man anymore, so Khabib gets to sit back and call the shots.”

“Next month at Madison Square Garden, we’ve got [Nate] Diaz vs [Jorge] Masvidal, sold out. So whoever wins that fight could fight McGregor. We’ve got ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, we’ve got Justin Gaethje, but what Conor wants right now really is the Khabib rematch. So we’ll see how that whole thing plays out. But if you’re Khabib, you got the Tony Ferguson fight, George St. Pierre wants to fight, and you’ve got the Conor McGregor fight.”



As you can see from the tweet above, McGregor definitely is not impressed by White’s words. Despite only fighting once in the last three years, he still sees himself as the UFC biggest stars. From a numbers perspective he probably still is. However, in the UFC’s new ESPN era, these things matter less. He wrote

“Who’s not the man? Your man had that marquee event did he? More like an event in a marquee. A tent in the f**king sand it was. Keep spoofing to your self horse. Jock strap sniffer championships.”

White and McGregor have had disputes in the past, but this could be the one that pushes the two over the brink. We’re finally in the post-McGregor era. Sure, another fight with the Irishman would do good short-term numbers, but they’re not relying on him as much as before.

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Bad News

This is just the latest in a series of bad news for McGregor. Meanwhile, the New York Times has reported that McGregor is being investigated for a second alleged case of sexual assault. So far he has not been charged. This is just the latest in a series of investigations involving the Irishman.

McGregor was the most exciting fighter on the planet. Now he is just a caricature of himself. Dana White has also said that he will not be fighting Frankie Edgar in December. Basically, he’s no longer in a place where he can make demands. Oh well. It was fun for him while it lasted.

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