Colby Covington is Exactly What Tyron Woodley Needs… Now it’s Time for the Champ to Give the Fans What They Want… 

In any other sport, Tyron Woodley would be a star. He’s absolutely excellent at what he does, with superb wrestling and obscene power. He’s articulate and seems like a genuinely nice guy. He also represents the American dream pretty good – the 11th of 13 children and his father left when he was young.

Yet for some reason, Woodley just can’t click with the fans. He’s in that same weird position as Daniel Cormier was for a good chunk of his career, although even worse because the specter of Jon Jones was the reason behind Cormier’s lack of popularity. Woodley’s problems are more complex.

Now though he has the best opportunity of his life to become a marketable and popular UFC champion. Colby Covington won the interim title at UFC 225 this weekend, and there really isn’t a more hated figure in the sport today. Woodley will be the fan-favorite going into this one. It’s time for him to step up and give them what they want.

Make or Break

Woodley has been a victim of his own tactical success. Recent UFC fans might not believe it, but ‘T-Wood’ is capable of incredible violence and action. He KOed Robbie Lawlor for crying out loud. He’s just been unlucky with his match-ups since.

The Missouri native has fought Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson twice since then. He drew criticism from everyone – including Dana White for a ‘boring’ performance. They wanted him to stand and bang with Thompson. If he did that, there is absolutely no doubt that ‘Wonderboy’ would be champion, probably after a unanimous decision on points.

He faced a similar tactical battle against seasoned Brazilian Ju-Jitsu veteran Damian Maia. It’s almost impossible to look good against Maia, and Woodley’s game plan was effective if not entertaining. The problem was that Colby Covington then went out and smashed the Brazilian up.

Fan Love

Even Covington’s mother finds him insufferable. That’s the truth. His over-the-top, painful excuse for trash talk makes him an easy target and incredibly unpopular. Yes, he’s an excellent and underrated fighter. No denying that. But he’s one loss away from obscurity because fans just want to see him fail.

Enter Woodley. As soon as Covington called him out after a win, the REAL welterweight champion – who incidentally will be fit next month, so there was no need for an interim title – has already responded. You can see his tweets above and below. If Woodley knocks out Covington the Queen of England has promised to make him a knight. Do it ‘T-Wood’.


One good thing about this whole situation is that there is finally some interest in the welterweight division. Sure, Robbie Lawlor and Rory MacDonald got everyone talking, but it’s not since Georges St. Pierre’s days that it has been this strong. You also have Darren Till’s meteoric rise that should see him get a title shot in the near future.

Woodley needs Covington. He’ll make more money and more fans than a fight against RDA. Yes, we’ll have to listen to ‘Chaos’ for a few more months, but if he can beat Woodley then fair enough. He deserves to be up there. But it’s the final chance for the champion to be popular unless he finds the cure for AIDs or something.

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