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If You Have a History of Violence Towards Women, There’s Literally Nothing You Can Say Without That Being Thrown Back in Your Face…

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is back. No, he’s not in the ring just yet. He’s back looking for attention on social media, as he tries to stay relevant at the not-so-tender age of 41. He is arguably the greatest boxer of the 21st century, and definitely deserves respect for his 50-0 unbeaten record, but he can be so unlikeable sometimes.

The rumor mill suggests that a fight with Khabib Nurmagamedov is imminent. Now let’s be real, this is unlikely to happen – and if it does, it really shouldn’t. Fans aren’t enthusiastic about the idea either. Just before Christmas 2017, Mayweather was talking about how he’s going to cross over to MMA. Not happening either.

Earlier today he slammed Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on Instagram. Now the Mexican’s promoter – another former Mayweather adversary, Oscar De La Hoya – has responded, and it’s quite brutal. Mayweather thought he had struck the killer blow, but ended up with egg on his face.

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Canelo recently had an interview with TMZ where he slammed Mayweather for bringing boxing into disrepute by making bad match-ups – case in point being these MMA crossovers with Conor McGregor and the rumored fight with Khabib. Mayweather responded:

“He wants to continue hurting boxing by making fights that don’t make sense …and not giving boxing the credibility it deserves. If he wants to return, I ask him to look my way to give a great fight to the fans. Let’s do the second fight. It’s very important. We have something pending there, so let’s make the second fight.”

His next target was Oscar De La Hoya, and he posted the famous image above with a caption asking his fans to disrespect the Mexican. It didn’t end up going well for him…

Screenshot: Instagram.

Wife Beater

Mayweather was infamously convicted of domestic violence back in 2011 after hitting his wife in front of their children. This ended up with him serving 60 days in prison. He also pleaded guilty to two counts of domestic battery in 2003 and another in 2002. Floyd has a dark past and De La Hoya was only too happy to remind him about it. He wrote:

“Hey @Canelo someone is salty about your record-breaking contract with @dazn_usa. Good thing we will never resort to hitting women.”

When you have got that in your past there is literally nothing you can say in response. It’s the biggest shutdown possible.

Screenshot: Instagram.

Massive Deal

The DAZN deal that De La Hoya refers to is Alvarez’s new massive contract with the DAZN streaming service. It stands to earn the Mexican boxer a cool $365 million if he fights 11 times in the next five years. It’s truly going to change the way boxing is distributed to the public and is one of the biggest sporting contracts ever.

Mayweather is notorious for his ability to go bankrupt. He’s already said that he’s going to be fighting Manny Pacquaio in early 2019. Sure he’ll make big money out of this too, but his days as a massive draw are in the past. Father Time has caught up.

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