Despite Conor McGregor calling their previous fights “unfinished,” Dustin Poirier doesn’t see any other valid reasons for a fourth one. Nonetheless, “The Diamond” believes the bout will be big and said he wouldn’t say “no” if the UFC pushes it.

The idea of a fourth fight started with the Irish man answering a fan question about whether he plans to face Poirier again. McGregor answered it boldly, saying it a “must.”

To recall, the two first fought in the UFC in September 2014, wherein McGregor defeated Poirier via a KO at just the 01:46 mark of Round 1. In 2021, the two met again for two more fights, which were all dominated by the American. The first one ended with Poirier sending back the KO loss he received to McGregor, while the second concluded with a doctor’s stoppage, resulting in a TKO win.

Now, it seems McGregor is hoping for a redemption fight for him, but Poirier doesn’t see the point. In his interview with ESPN at UFC Fight Night 232, the No. 3-ranked UFC lightweight fighter said that even if he entertains the fight and wins, the Irish would just continue challenging him, translating to never-ending “unfinished” fight claims.

“I probably would (say yes) – try to shut him up once and for all,” Poirier said. “But even if I slap his ass around again, he’s still going to be chatting. So we’ll see.”

Poirier also acknowledged the rumors about the possibility of McGregor facing Michael Chandler in his return, which makes the fight the Irish is pushing more vague. Nonetheless, Poirier said we wouldn’t say no, especially if it will be a fight arranged by the UFC.

“Is him and Chandler official?” Poirier added. “I don’t know what’s going on. But that’s a huge fight. (Our rivalry is) 2-1 against him. I don’t really see another reason for it, but it’d be a huge fight.”

Poirier currently has no fights booked, making him a target of many fighters looking for a fight. Days ago, Benoit Saint-Denis, who recently made his victory at UFC 295, also expressed his interest in fighting the American. 

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