Sugar Sean O’ Malley may have won the fight via TKO but his opponent showed tremendous heart. Moutinho took the fight on not only short notice but it was also his UFC debut. It was expected that he would lose as the odd-makers gave O’Malley as a heavy favorite.

In the very first round, it was pretty clear that Sean O’ Malley was the better striker, he picked his shots and could hit at will. The commentators called him a sniper because he could barely miss plus Moutinho lacking head-movement also did not help, many thought that the fight will end early because of the many strikes absorbed but Moutinho kept walking forward.

In the closing seconds of the first round, O’Malley managed to knock him down and would have finished Moutinho, but was saved by the bell. After recovering a bit from his corner, Moutinho kept putting up the pressure and also threw leg kick, which have shown to give O’Malley troubles.

Unfortunately, the experience of O’Malley is too much for Moutinho especially on the biggest stage. It was hard to watch as the damages kept piling up and in the last round referee Herb Dean was forced to stop the fight in order to protect Moutinho from further damages.

As for O’Malley’s performance, he proved to be a showman. He was showboating as if he was playing basketball while throwing his shots. The crowd were clearly cheering for O’ Malley so it is no question that O’Malley is a star in the making. If he keeps on winning, he will be without a doubt a superstar.

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