Seven Times Joe Rogan Proved He Is a Badass

By Gentleman Jeff
Seven Times Joe Rogan Proved He Is a Badass

Joe Rogan is one of the most interesting figures in the UFC. He began working as a commentator for the company since before they were purchased by Zuffa, and has drawn a large fan base, and large list of detractors, with his unique approach to commentary.

In addition to being a UFC commentator, Rogan is a successful stand up comedian and podcast host with a large following. Most UFC shows that Rogan is not commentating on he broadcasts a “Fight Companion” podcast with guests such as Eddie Bravo, Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen. They rarely talk about the fights however.

Rogan is a badass though, there can be no doubt about that. And his badassery is growing with age and experience.

Here are seven times that Joe Rogan proved he is a badass..