Female High School Basketball Team Playing Game

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Why sports is important in education

It was Richard Branson who first loudly and publicly raised a concern about the way students receive education nowadays. Their brains are a priority, and their bodies are used only to bring brains from school back home and then back to school. The body is just a vessel for brains, and only brains matter, or better say, how well you are trained to use them. Branson mentioned his problems in school due to dyslexia and tried to draw attention to the dangerous lack of balance in our school system. The question is — is there actual reason to be concerned? Yes.

Year after year students perform worse in PA classes or even refuse to take them due to astonishingly bad physical conditions. It looks like a dead-end — students have less PA practice because they cannot perform well there, and they cannot perform well because they are not prepared enough physically. How did we come to the point where more than 70% of students are diagnosed with various conditions, including high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, directly related to sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating? We have prioritized only intellectual efforts.

In order to stabilize the situation and, preferably even turn it back, sports should be seen as a critically important part of school, college, and university education. Despite the challenges that come with any changes in the educational system, this strategy should be applied till it is too late.

How sports can define our future along with education

Education is an activity that is primarily focused on teaching and training intellectual skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. These points are seen as the most valuable for people who want to achieve something meaningful in life. If you want to be a professional, a specialist in high demand, if you want a good salary, social security, and a pension plan, these are the skills that you should focus on. Or at least it is what our education system wants us to think.

It would be silly to argue that the intellectual component is not a critical one. It is. Also, it is more than normal that a system whose primary goal is to prepare professionals focuses on it. The speed at which you master new knowledge, your creative and critical thinking potentials undoubtedly have a great impact on your professional future.

Let’s take one step ahead. Will you be able to enjoy all the benefits of being a highly demanded specialist, if you don’t feel energetic if you are sick if your body gives up before your mind does? I doubt it. Another question is — will you be able to achieve all the ambitious goals you set for yourself, and to which you are ready intellectually, if your body is not capable of maintaining a required level of energy, if you ask for sick leaves all the time or if you are concerned about your health half the time?