Former Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic is No Fan of Daniel Cormier… Now He’s Going to Get a Shot to Reclaim the Title After Waiting Impatiently for Another Shot at Gold… He’s Even Compared DC to a Hungry Woman Who Can’t Make Her Mind Up What to Eat…

There’s a case to be made that Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic are two of the greatest fighters in the history of the UFC. DC is a living legend. The former champ-champ has only been beaten by Jon Jones, and knocked out Stipe Miocic in the first round of their fight in July of last year.

Now, after a clash with Brock Lesnar fell through, the pair are going to throw down again. Miocic has waited on the sidelines for this opportunity. He’s refused to fight anybody else. As the most successful champion in the history of the division, you can see why he thinks he deserved better treatment from the UFC.

It’s clear that there is a real rivalry brewing between these two warriors. Miocic is making no secret of the fact that he doesn’t respect the champion and he’s ready to take him down.

Daniel Cormier. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Company Man

Miocic has had a tense relationship with the UFC top brass in the past. He insinuated that they wanted Cormier to become champion because he wasn’t told about Brock Lesnar coming to watch his title fight against “DC”.

“I have no idea what he was talking about ‘we had a company conversation,’ I had no idea about the Brock thing until literally right before I walked out for the fight so he’s an idiot,” Miocic told Ariel Helwani.

“I definitely wasn’t in that conversation. I had no idea about the Brock thing until literally right before I walked out for the fight so he’s an idiot. I have no idea what he’s talking about. He literally says one thing then he says something else. I don’t even listen anymore. But yeah, whatever. I don’t care. I’m fighting him that’s all I care about.

Stipe Miocic fires down ground and pound on Francis Ngannou during their heavyweight championship main event at UFC 220. Photo Credit: Bob DeChiara for USA TODAY Sports


While you can’t blame Cormier for wanting to make a lot of money by beating up Brock Lesnar, it must also have been frustrating for Miocic to sit back and watch. He said:

“One minute he says I’m deserving and ‘If I don’t fight Brock, he’ll get the fight,’ and then he’s like ‘No, you gotta work your way up like everyone else. He’s like a woman when they want to go out to eat dinner but they have no idea what they want to go eat but they say they want to go eat somewhere but they change their mind. It’s just never-ending.”

Stipe Miocic v Francis Ngannou. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sport


Cormier has called Miocic ‘entitled.’ No other fighter in the history of the UFC heavyweight division has defended the strap three times like the Cleveland native. If he beats ‘DC’ there’ll be a strong case to make that he’s the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Obviously, Cormier will have something to say about that. He’s got his own legacy to worry about. They’ll meet on August 17 in Anaheim, California at UFC 241.

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