Stipe Miocic could break the heavyweight championship curse, but he has to get through Francis Ngannou first. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The former heavyweight champion seems to be in an okay shape not the best but still. Losing sucks, especially when you worked hard to get to the spot but that is just part of the sport. After losing to Ngannou brutally, many fans were concerned with the former champ’s health.

It seems he is okay, and he also addressed his fans and friends about his performance.

Though he apologized to his about the lose, he has nothing to be ashamed of. He took a lot of heavy shots in the first round but rallied which was actually shocking. Most of the heavyweights would go down once Ngannou lands a shot. Miocic probably absorbed too many shots for his own good.

Miocic has already cemented himself as the greatest heavyweight of all time and has achieved a lot. Though the argument could change once another great fighter could possibly break his record but that may still be a long time coming. He should think about  the risk in fighting a hard hitting Ngannou once more. The CTE is a huge risk that is not worth taking.

Some studies also say that fighter’s that don’t go down easily are more susceptible to brain damage as the case with Miocic where he has one of the best chins in the game. It took Ngannou probably more than 10 clean punches to knock Miocic out, which is not good for Stipe’s health.

In the first round of their fight, Ngannou landed a shot clean that led fans in awe of Miocic’s toughness. It was one of those punches that you could not ask for a better one type of shot but Miocic took it like a champ.

What is also worth considering is that Miocic is already 38 years old, meanwhile Ngannou still keeps on improving.  Though in the heavyweight division, their prime is a bit in the latter age.

Yes, Miocic definitely has a chance to adjust and beat Ngannou but is less likely and the risk is just too big. His clean counter punch could not even stun Ngannou and the weight difference may have also played a huge factor. In the fight, most thought that the only way Miocic wins would be his high level wrestling but Ngannou stuffed the takedown and even took his back.

No official statement on his future, as he indicated that he will spend time with his family and welcome another member to their family. Great sportsmanship and class as usual shown by Miocic.

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