Team McGregor Accused of Forcing Bar Girl Into Car

Conor McGregor and his team have been accused of forcing a bottle service girl into their car…

The controversies just roll on and on. Conor McGregor can’t escape from negative media. The Notorious keeps getting himself into trouble. He’s punched an older man, smashed a telephone, been banned from driving and been accused of sexual assault.

Now there’s another story to add to the mix. Reports have emerged that McGregor and his teammate Charlie Ward forced a bottle service girl into their vehicle against her will. The alleged incident took place outside the LA celebrity hotspot, Delilah, earlier this year. However, the story has yet to be substantiated by Delilah management.

The New York Times has already reported that McGregor is under investigation for sexual assault. This is not the type of press that the Irishman needs right now. However, if reports are accurate, it was Ward who was the main perpetrator in this case.

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According to the Insider, McGregor and his teammates arrived at Delilah. In short, they had clearly had a few drinks. An eyewitness told the publication that the female employee ended up on McGregor’s shoulder and that he carried her out to their car. This is where the story takes a dark twist. The witness alleges that McGregor and his companions forced the woman into their SUV. They told the Insider:

“I saw fear in her eyes like, ‘What the f— is happening?'”

Another eye witness alleges that they saw her in the back in the vehicle trying to get out. Ward allegedly prevented her from opening the window. The former UFC veteran is now on the Bellator roster. Furthermore, he travels with McGregor as his teammate’s personal protection.

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The witness says that a manager then came out of the nightclub and threatened to call the police. The woman was then able to leave the vehicle. She was described as ‘rattled’ and ‘freaking out.’ When the Insider reached out to Charlie Ward, he insisted that the girl had given her consent.

Ward stated that the girl was with him and not McGregor. The Bellator fighter also said that they were making out on the backseat before a manager intervened. Ward said that he was asked by a manager if the girl was being held against her will. He reacted by laughing in disbelief. Allegedly she then left the vehicle anyway and he didn’t see her for the rest of the night.

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Delilah then allegedly banned McGregor. However, he allegedly returned there a month later and left without paying his bill. The Insider tried to reach out to the female employee in question. However, she refused to discuss the matter. At the time she was still working at the club/restaurant.

It’s the latest in a long line of incidents involving McGregor. In short, he’d be better putting his energy to use inside the cage. Teammate Makwan Amirkhani said that he expects the Irishman to come back early next year. Only time will tell whether or not that happens. However, he’s losing fans by the day and incidents like this won’t help him.

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