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For any bettor, the experience when depositing and withdrawing plays a vital role in determining the reliability of a bookmaker. A betting enthusiast is always looking for a bookmaker that will offer a smooth experience. A bookmaker that offers payment and deposit methods where funds reflect immediately, charges relatively low fees and the transactions have minimal restrictions will attract more bettors.

Kate Richardson explores the experience offered to those who bet with Boku, the advantages and disadvantages of Boku betting sites among other features of Boku as a payment method. To learn more about Kate Richardson and also access more of her expert articles click here.

Why use Boku sports betting sites?

Playing at sites that allow you to bet with Boku offers several benefits; first, the payment option allows a player to fund the betting account using the mobile phone. Funding a betting account using a mobile phone means you do not have to go through the bank to deposit or even withdraw your funds. This is a convenient payment method as transactions can be done at any time of the day without being restricted by your location. Secondly, the fact that you are not going through the bank to make transactions means that your information is safeguarded. You are not required to share your banking information with a third party; this guarantees the safety and privacy of personal details.

Other benefits offered by Boku betting sites include:

  • Fast deposits where the money reflects immediately
  • Chances of your deposits being rejected at betting sites that use Boku are close to zero
  • You are allowed to bet using your local currency; this means that there are no conversion fees that will be incurred if you bet with Boku. Sites that accept Boku have an advantage as the payment option supports more than forty currencies.
  • Bettors only need to use their mobile phones to deposits in betting sites that accept Boku, this means low transaction fees.
  • For players who use Boku sports betting sites, there is added layer of security as there is no need to share banking information as the system relies on phone billing. Also, the fact that every transaction requires authorization through a text message which is sent to the registered phone means that your funds are secure.
  • If you bet with Boku, your transactions attract zero fees, this does not just apply to service fees it is also extended to activation as well as when dealing with international bookmakers.
  • Betting sites that use Boku gives players a notable lead where they can play now and pay later

The other side of Boku betting sites

Every coin has two sides, similarly, Boku has some drawbacks. We cannot just mention the benefits and fail to enlighten players on some of the drawbacks that they might encounter when they bet with Boku. However, these drawbacks can be encountered with any payment options, so they are not unique to betting sites that use Boku.

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The fact that transactions are through a phone means that the payment option is limited in terms of the amount that can be deposited and withdrawn. There are restrictions on the amount you can deposit or withdraw. For large amounts, you have to find an alternative, something that may inconvenience players who may not have bank accounts. These restrictions make it unattractive to some players.

Boku is not widely accepted by bookmakers even though it was created almost 12 years ago. You may come across a reliable bookmaker but the site is not offering Boku as a payment option. This means you cannot enjoy the benefits provided by the payment option. Also, the payment method is limited in some countries, for example, the players in the United Kingdom may experience some issues as it is not widely accepted here. It is currently operating in sixty-five countries worldwide meaning it is yet to cover a significant number of players.

Cryptocurrencies in betting sites that use Boku

With cryptocurrencies enjoying an increased adoption, the Boku payment option has lagged. The fact that payments happen through the phone bill means that users are limited when it comes to the use of cryptocurrency. Those who would like to use cryptocurrencies are forced to patronize bookmakers who accept deposits through crypto-wallets.

Now that you are well informed on the pros and cons of using Boku as a payment method, you are in a better position to make a decision. If you decide to use this payment option here are the steps that you can use to deposit on your Boku sportsbooks account:

  • Select a preferred Boku bookmaker
  • Click on the deposit icon
  • Select Boku as a payment option
  • Key in the amount you want to deposit
  • Fill in your phone number
  • You will get a notification on your phone to verify the transaction
  • Once you complete the close, the deposit process will be done

Boku payment option is preferred by bettors for its convenience and low transaction fees. It has more than 24 million active users drawn from more than 40 different countries. Playing at sites that offer Boku as a payment option, presents bettors with an opportunity to reap the benefits of quick deposits and withdrawals, improved safety, and zero conversion currency rates since local currencies are allowed.

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