Looking for a slot game that involves Demi-God? If yes, then you are at the right place. Play’n GO come up with amazing games all time. Now, they are ready to present you to all the gods of all slot video games, Rise of Olympus. It is time to travel back to ancient Greece by playing the Rise of Olympus. Are you ready to feel the wrath of the ancient Greek Gods?

People who have been playing the games by Play’n GO, know how good they are with their job. If you are a fan of their work, then this one is the winner! Rise of Olympus is a lot manlier slot game than the rest of the games (if this counts as a plus point). You will find muscular Greek Gods in this slot game from top to bottom. The best part of the game is the visuals. They are very good; thus the visuals make the light very favorable for the slots. Many players will easily spot that this game is a clone of Moon Princess.

As always, Play’n GO has made up to our expectations. The slot has a 5×5 grid that works effectively on your device. Even the RTP is 96.5%. Without wasting any further time, let’s get into the amazing features of the game!

Rise of Olympus Features

1. Greek Mythology Theme

This goes without saying that the best feature of the game is its theme. The grandeur theme makes the slot game more and more interesting. Rise of Olympus draws its inspiration from ancient Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, there are three most important gods – Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. These three gods appear as symbols on the reels. Along with this, there are three different settings. When Zeus is present on the reel, the slots are above the clouds. The slot setting is underwater when Poseidon is present. With Hades’ presence, the setting is the underworld.

2. Line Wins

Winning a slot game is very simple. All that you have to do is match three or more symbols in a horizontal or vertical line. You can even use a single symbol to crack more than one winning combination.

3. Symbols

The slot game has a total of seven standard symbols. The three most valuable symbols are the 3 gods – Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The other four symbols are icons depicting a thunderbolt, a trident, a horned, and a harp. However, all symbols offer the same payouts. You can win 10x your bet if you land three of the same gods in a row. In addition, you will also be paid for making a combination of the three gods in a row.

Apart from these standard symbols, there is a golden wild shown in the icon of the winged horse Pegasus. If you land five wilds in a row you will get 50x your bet.

Rise of Olympus Bonus Features

Apart from the standard symbols, the Rise of Olympus also offers some bonus features. Here are some of the bonus features that will help you get more wins:

1. Hand of God

If you get a non-winning spin, this is the bonus feature that will help you out. Each god will help you win by offering you some special bonuses:

  • Zeus: All Instances of two different symbols can be removed from the grid.
  • Poseidon: A few wilds will be added to the grid.
  • Hades: One symbol transform into another symbol.

2. Wrath of Olympus

On the right side of the reel, you will find a meter with three different sections. You will have to fill up the meter by winning with god symbols. If you win three reels, you will fill up one section. If you win with four reels, you will fill up two sections. Lastly, if you win five reels, you fill up five sections. Once the meter is full, there will be no wins to be paid out. You will get a free spin along with the Hand of God.

3. Free Spins

If you want free spins, you need to land consecutive wins and remove all the symbols from the grid. You can win three different free spins, they are:

  • Zeus: Eight Free spins along with recharges up to two more spins.
  • Poseidon: Five free spins along with recharges up to three more spins.
  • Hades: Four free spins along with recharges up to four more spins.

Wrapping Up

The Rise of Olympus is a great slot video game with amazing graphics and mechanics. Although Play’n GO is very upfront regarding the similarities between the Rise of Olympus and Moon Princess, we don’t really think that hampers the game in any way. Both the games are equally fantastic and fun to play. The game is super popular and has received great feedback from different forums. We would definitely recommend you to play this game and enjoy the wins.

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