Check Out These Good, Bad & Outrageously Ugly MMA Tattoos

Some of these tattoos are so freakin’ ugly they make blind kids cry, but then some are so awesome it’s unbelievable. Then, there are the weird ones…

We all know that guy/girl with the ugliest tattoo ever, it happens. Quite often during boozed up nights on the bricks in some foreign land, or sometimes they are just incredibly poorly drawn out or thought up.

When selecting a piece of art work to get etched on to one’s dermis forever, it’s important to put some serious time and thought in to it. When it comes to portraits especially, you need to find the best tattoo artist available to do it for you, or things can go very wrong.

One thing that always sticks out about getting a portrait of a celebrity, outside of the freaky stalker type stigma that you’ll be subject to, is what if they turn out to be some sort of evil criminal or scumbag?

Anyway, check out the best, worst and most horrifically ugly MMA tattoos ever.


There’s so much wrong with a tattoo like this, for starters it looks absolutely nothing like Ronda Rousey, or even a realistic woman for that matter. The shading and shaping is just all out of whack, and don’t even start on the text on the gloves.

SD scores this 3/10-Butt ugly.


Another interesting portrait, this time of UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor. It’s not too bad in terms of shading, but the massively out of proportion head and T-Rex looking arms give the tattoo a generally amateur feel.

The intricacy on the face spares a lot of down scoring, SD scores it 5/10-Average at best.

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