In a nutshell, most combat sports and martial arts were developed to teach people to fight and protect themselves. Therefore, all of them imply different techniques to strike opponents and kick them off. However, with time, fights between two opponents became a very popular form of entertainment, so a set of particular rules was developed. Therefore, every combat sport has particular rules that are obligatory to follow. Since the rules are different, there are a lot of various combat sports. In the post below, we will review the most spectacular ones.


Doubtless, boxing is the most popular combat sport in the world. Also, it is one of the oldest fighting sports discovered. Boxing is frequently called a gentleman’s sport since only fists are used for punches. Fighters are not allowed to use legs or elbows to kick opponents. They wear protective gloves so that punches are less harmful.

Moreover, the sport is very regulated. For instance, fighters are not allowed to strike each other’s backs, necks, backs of the head, kidneys. Also, they are forbidden to punch opponents from the waist down. Finally, it’s not allowed to kick opponents who are knocked down. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of boxing rules that have to be followed by fighters. Otherwise, they can lose points or even get disqualified.

They help create stunning performances that force millions of people to watch fights in stadiums and online. But, it is worth noting that all the regulations don’t make this combat sport boring. On the contrary, every fight is tense and can have an unpredictable outcome. For instance, a match can be finished if one of the fighters gets knocked off before the final round. But, in case both opponents finish all the rounds, the judges define a winner.


MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. It is a good pick for those who consider that boxing doesn’t allow the use of all the human body’s potential for fighting. It is more intense and violent. Thanks to UFC, which is short of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, MMA is becoming extremely popular. It promotes MMA fights and makes them very spectacular. Consequently, more people start following new matches. Also, some people consider that UFC is a distinct type of combat sport, which is a terrible misconception.

Unlike boxing, where ropes determine the borders of a fighting area, an MMA ring is rather a cage. Both opponents need to kick each other during the round. According to the UFC rules, a fighter can be fined if they avoid action or contact with an opponent. Needless to say that UFC fights attract a lot of students. They try never to miss new matches. Consequently, when learners have many assignments, they never hesitate to ask Google, “Who can do my paper?” to delegate their homework to skilled writers.

The rules allow using different techniques from boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, etc. Unlike boxing, fighters have more freedom in choosing how to strike their opponents. However, MMA matches are not cruel fights without any rules. There is a set of regulations that forbid fighters to strike their opponents dishonestly. For instance, it’s forbidden to punch the spine, back of the head, or groin. Eye-gouging and headbutting are forbidden as well.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai originated in Thailand. It is also known as Thai Boxing. It’s rather an enhanced version of kickboxing that is extremely popular in Asia. It is a fascinating type of combat sport that attracts a lot of viewers. The ring in Muay Thai is similar to the one used in boxing. It is a rectangular structure with ropes on its borders. Fighters have to wear protective gloves, helmets, and shin guards. A match is also divided into rounds. A referee controls every fight inside a ring and can stop it upon a need.

All the equipment is required because fighters can make harmful strikes. According to the Muay Thai rules, it is allowed to punch opponents by fists, legs, knees, and elbows. It is a very active sport. Usually, matches are very intense because fighters make many various moves and punches using different limbs. It makes Muay Thai extremely spectacular. Unfortunately, it is not very popular in the US. Therefore, it’s recommended to attend a match in the country of its origin.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Originally, jiu-jitsu is a Japanese fighting technique that is widely utilized in MMA. It was developed as a martial art that can help people defend themselves. Most of the moves allow people to disarm opponents and kick them off. In exceptional cases, short weapons like a knife or a stick can be used to demonstrate how some moves can help people keep themselves safe.

However, when this fighting technique came to Brazil, it was updated and became a spectacular combat sport. Fighters have to wear BJJ Kimono so that this type of sport can get confused with Judo or Karate. Nevertheless, no punches are allowed. This combat sport involves grappling. Both fighters need to ground an opponent and hold them for a particular amount of time. Submission and chokehold moves are permitted to keep an opponent grounded. At the same time, fighters cannot leave a tatami, a particular area.


Indeed, wrestling is very spectacular because it tends to be a show. However, in this post, we won’t consider WWE as a combat sport. In a nutshell, wrestling is one of the most ancient types of combat sports. It requires opponents to throw each other out of a particular area. Also, they can achieve points by grounding an opponent and holding them.

It’s not allowed to throw punches in wrestling. Instead, fighters use grappling techniques, clinch fighting, joint locks, and takedowns to grind and suppress opponents. Fighters need to use unique and smart techniques to ground each other. This combat sport attracts those who appreciate the technical aspect of the fighting because people have to apply opponents’ weight toward themselves and suppress them during a particular time.

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