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It’s Getting Serious for Nick Diaz Now… The UFC Have Released Their Official Statement on the Popular Fighter’s Situation…

Nick Diaz has been released from custody, but he’s not out of the woods yet by any means. The Stockton, California native and older brother of Nate, was arrested on Friday after he allegedly assaulted a female friend, whom sources claim he had been having an on-off sexual relationship with.

To make matters worse for Diaz, the woman has since alleged that the popular fighter was off his face on cocaine during the attack, further stimulating his violence. His arrest has mobilized the MMA world. Nobody wants to support someone who beats women for a living (unless you’re a female MMA fighter, in which case more power to you.)

However, Diaz isn’t a regular fighter. He’s a cult hero to a lot of people and while the Skrap Pack have been in brawls and fights before, this is unusual. The UFC has released their official response to the attack though, and they’re taking it very seriously.

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The UFC has dealt with a lot of unsavory incidents in the past. When you’ve got that many testosterone filled guys on the roster, many of whom are from rough backgrounds and fought their way to success, it’s bound to happen. They said:

“The organization does not tolerate domestic violence and requires all athletes to adhere to the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. Every athlete is deserving of due process and this situation, as with any official allegations, will be duly reviewed and thoroughly investigated by an independent party.”

That’s a very fair response. We have to remember that the allegations are just that until Diaz is proven guilty. It is ominous though for him because they definitely won’t want to be connected to a domestic abuser. That’s the difference between MMA fighters and boxers: you can’t just buy a promotion and do what you want.


However, one of Diaz’s friends and business associates Matt Staudt has come out in staunch defense of the California fighter. He said:

“There is no scenario where Nick would put his hands on anyone unless it was necessary self-defense, and then watch the fuck out. Moving on, the girl who is accusing him is the most deranged and insane I’ve met to date. She has been obsessed with and stalked Nick for maybe 2 years now. Suicide attempts, calls to his family from fake numbers, thousand of calls a day – yes thousands, showing up everywhere he goes following his story…”

This is obviously dangerous territory because we don’t want to get into a culture of victim blaming. Regardless of whether or not the alleged victim was acting ‘deranged,’ Diaz is a professional MMA fighter and one of the most dangerous men on the planet. He should know better.

Waiting Game

All we can do now is wait and see what happens. Diaz has been released. His bail was set at $18,000 dollars. Since walking free – at least for now – he has put up a horrible video of his elbow injury again. Watch that above if disgusting cuts are your thing.

Diaz was charged with battery by strangulation and first-degree domestic battery. Neither of which you want on your record. He has been officially cleared to fight again by the UFC, but you can bet they’ll be waiting to see what happens next before they even think of booking him.

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