Mike Tyson gives a rendition of Drake's Hotline Bling on The ...

Mike Tyson, one of the scariest power punchers in boxing history, is well known for his antics on camera. This wild moment caught on tape is going viral across the internet…..

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson captured the viewing audiences in the late 80’s and 90′ with his savage power in the ring. ‘Kid Dynamite’ as he was first known was a dynamo of power and aggression, with a seemingly impenetrable defense.

Winning the WBC title from Trevor Berbick in 1986, ‘Iron’ Mike was the youngest ever champion, and dominated the division with highlight reel knockout after knockout. He was truly feared during his prime.

Tyson was also very troubled throughout his youth, spending numerous stints in prison throughout his early life and even during his boxing career. After eventually retiring in 2005, Tyson has proved himself to be quite the entertainer outside the ring.

With his own one man show doing the rounds, and also the ‘Mike Tyson Show,’ which is an animated TV series, the man everyone used t fear so strongly is now making people laugh and cry.

In depth documentaries and interviews revealed the real Mike Tyson as a down to earth, emotional human being. A far cry from the violent weapon of his youth, a weapon that famed boxing trainer Cus D’Amato sharpened and put to work like nobody else could.

Now, promoting his shows on Broadway and Television, Tyson made an appearance on the Tonight SHow WIth Jimmy Fallon. The result is a crazy video that’s shooting up to over a million views as we speak!

Check it out….

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