Top 5 MMA Douchebags: When Fighters Act Like A**holes

By Salvador Sanchez
Top 5 MMA Douchebags: When Fighters Act Like A**holes

Welcome to the world of MMA, where money is king and where there’s money, there’s bound to be a fair amount of douchebags too……

Mixed martial arts, dubbed the world’s fastest growing sport, has spread like wildfire since the early 2000’s. The UFC is undoubtedly the dominant force in the sports genre, but there is plenty of viable promotions elsewhere, albeit a tier below the biggest organization.

Over the years we’ve seen big names come and go, heroes and villains, promotions collapsing to the mightier sword, and overall we are now given quite an in-depth look in to the lives of the characters associated with the combat sport.

With the success of MMA globally, there comes a price. Also due to the massively expanded exposure, we are seeing ten-a-penny douchebags, some who are legitimate forces as fighters, and others who are simply involved in the business.

Some of these people can prove quite entertaining, but at one point or another have ended up becoming as stale as old bread. Then there are others who were simply born douchebags, but of course this does not speak for the entire sport.

Reality TV shows, big trash talking and brawls in the lead up to fights, and the growth of social media and content sharing have lead us to be able to see the true colors of many MMA celebrities.

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 MMA douchebags, hope you enjoy!