MMA Fighter Challenges Jiu Jitsu Player, What Happens Next Is Crazy

By Salvador Sanchez
MMA Fighter Challenges Jiu Jitsu Player, What Happens Next Is Crazy

MMA fighters can get a bit heated sometimes, but this backstage video takes crazy to a whole new level….

The glory days of Pride FC saw many classic bouts between the top level of competition in the sport. At that time, the UFC was a little known organization and undoubtedly played second fiddle to the Japanese MMA promotion.

Many of the prominent names during that era of MMA are still relevant today, mostly in the UFC but also under other major mixed martial arts banners.

As time passed, the UFC eventually bought out Pride, but that’s another story all together. Back to the case in point, sometimes fighters like to take the fight outside of the ring, and when that happens, it can get very crazy real fast.

This situation happened at Pride Shockwave 2005, and involved members of the Chute Boxe Acadamy, a well known MMA gym in Brazil, and Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett. The American fighter had just defeated Ken Kaneko and gone backstage to get changed in the locker rooms.

At this time, ‘Krazy Horse’ met with Wanderlei Silva and renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Cristiano Marcello. Words were exchanged, and what happened next went down in the history books as one of the most notorious moments in the organization’s illustrious history.

We’ve got the whole video of the incident coming up, and also some bonus interviews with the fighters involved including some shocking allegations and revelations.

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