Top 5 MMA Matches Gone Wild: When Fighters Attack Referees

By Salvador Sanchez
Top 5 MMA Matches Gone Wild: When Fighters Attack Referees

There’s nothing worse than seeing a referee making a terrible decision during MMA fights. But when fighters take matters in to their own hands, things can get crazy……

When MMA fighters get caught up in the heat of the moment, truly anything can and often does happen. With trained professional martial artists unleashed inside the cage or ring, emotions and testosterone levels run high.

We’ve seen many examples of fighters acting nuts over the years, for example Paul Daley punching Josh Koscheck after they fought in the UFC. That’s just one of many, how about when Nick Diaz and his crew brawled with Jake Shields at Strikeforce Nashville?

Of these examples though, the referees haven’t really been involved. Today’s article is a completely different story. Sometimes fighters lose control enough to start attacking referees, the very men present to help maintain their health and safety while in combat.

Some referees were less fortunate than others, and a few actually kick ass.

Check out the top 5 MMA matches gone wild: When fighters attack referees…..