Tony Ferguson has signalled that a fight announcement is imminent…

Nobody has a longer winning streak in the UFC lightweight division than Tony Ferguson. But Khabib Nurmagamedov is 28-0, you’re going to say. Yes, we know that. But “El Cucuy” has managed to go twelve fights unbeaten in MMA’s top promotion. That’s one ahead of Khabib.

Khabib and Ferguson look like they’re finally going to fight. Many fans believe that this fight is cursed, so we’ll believe it when they’re in the cage together. But now fans have gone into overdrive after Ferguson tweeted that a fight is set to be announced.

It can only be a fight with Khabib right? The tone of the tweet below is celebratory. Ferguson hasn’t always had a good relationship with the UFC, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next. Fingers crossed its Khabib time.


As you can see from the tweet above, ‘El Cucuy’ is a very happy man right now. Although there’s no official word who he is fighting, it surely has to be Khabib Nurmagamedov. Trying to understand his tweets is like deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, but you can get the tone of this one.

“Snap Down City!!!” Got The Signal, Champs Back!!! Fight News Coming Soon, Stay Tuned Back2Business # WhyIOutta # KnyuckKnyuck # WooWooWooWooWooWooWooooo  Champ Sh*t Only MF’as!!! -XTA- Hometeam”

The words “fight news coming soon” are all you need to focus on here. Who could it be?

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Khabib Time

Georges St. Pierre’s celebrated coach Firas Zahabi believes that if any active fighter can beat Khabib Nurmagamedov it’s Tony Ferguson. This looks like it will be a very well-match fight, but of course, only time will tell. Zahabi believes that Ferguson’s BJJ game will be the perfect complement to Khabib’s wrestling.

“If there’s anybody who can beat Khabib — and I don’t think there is, Khabib is the best lightweight in history — the only real contender is Tony Ferguson,” Zahabi told Mohamed Hijab. “Ferguson does a lot of great jiu-jitsu. He’s great at getting back to his feet, he’s great at rolling out, he’s very aggressive off his back.”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports


Zahabi also discussed how close Dustin Poirier was to finishing Khabib. In short, Poirier had the Russian in a guillotine. It was very tight, but he was unable to choke out the champion. Zahabi believes that he made a key error when he tried to submit his opponent. To sum up, he thinks that Ferguson would have been smarter in his decision-making

“Guillotine’s can be finishes for sure, but not the way Poirier had it. That could lead to a sweep,” Zahabi said. “But Ferguson could have turned it into an anaconda choke or D’arce choke. He’s well known for his D’arce choke. Guillotine, anaconda and D’arce, they go together. So I think Ferguson could have chained it. But the way Poirier was handling that guillotine, I think he should have went for a sweep instead of a choke.”

Let’s hope it goes down.

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