Newly crowned interim UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson continues blasting away at Conor McGregor…

Since winning the interim belt at UFC 216, Tony Ferguson has gone all out in the trash talking department. ‘El Cucuy’ impressed with his submission victory against Kevin Lee, and now he has only one fight on the horizon.

Sitting at the top of the lightweight division is Conor McGregor, but that title seems to be asterisked. Yet to defend his belt at 155, McGregor hasn’t competed in the UFC since his November 2016 win over Eddie Alvarez.

Considering he didn’t defend the belt at featherweight either, Ferguson has used McGregor’s absence as ammunition. Thus far, all McGregor has managed to muster up in response is a GTA-themed image with the caption ‘Tony.’

Ferguson, on the other hand, has been absolutely killing it in the trash talking stakes. From the moment the belt was wrapped around his waist, the Mexican started shredding the Irishman.

Tony Ferguson has been relentlessly hounding Conor McGregor. Will the Irish champ respond in full this time?

Ferguson’s Latest Rant is Harsh

Speaking with TMZ as per, ‘El Cucuy’ continued his brutal threats to Conor McGregor:

“This guy needs an ass whooping at my hands. There is nobody else in line, so he needs to unify the belts,” Ferguson told TMZ Sports. “You can’t run away. If you want a money fight against Nate, set it (the belt) down and fucking walk away,” he said.

“But, I guarantee you, he’s an athlete, and he is going to take it right to the heart because he doesn’t like to be called a paper champ. That paper champ is all paper. He talked his way into the title. He has talked his way into a whole lot,” said Ferguson.

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McGregor has no doubt been watching affairs at lightweight unfold, but he’s remained very silent on the subject of Tony Ferguson…

“I’m a mental warfare kind of guy. He’s good at this (talking). When you put hose kinds of things together, my high IQ and my fight IQ, it’s way too much for him. I save a lot of my A plus material for that bastard.”

“He has no backbone, no spine and he’s never mentioned my name ever. He said he was going to watch this fight. Not only did he watch it, but he is sitting around in his yacht saying, ‘Holy shit, I got the boogyman on my tail, the grim reaper is coming for my ass.’ That’s what he’s fucking saying. I have his number. I put the numbers down and I got my belt,”

The fight that ‘has to happen’ according to Dana White, will likely go Conor McGregor’s way, according to Daniel Cormier

Cormier Doesn’t Agree

Light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier offered his prediction this week, and it wasn’t Ferguson-friendly:

I believe he makes some mistakes that would really cost him against Conor,. Oh my goodness, do you see how high he’s holding his chin up when he’s throwing punches. You do that against McGregor, you’re getting sniped. You’re getting sniped!”

When Conor hits you with a clean shot, it doesn’t affect people like most people’s big shots affect people. It sends you f—ng skating on ice,” he said. “It turns you into a baby deer, when they can’t stand up and they’re f—ng shaking and shit.

“You just can’t let him hit you like that, but I think because of the way Tony fights, he kinda hangs his chin up there. That’ll make it so dangerous for him because McGregor is so accurate, so fast.”

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