Former UFC and Mixed Martial Arts legend Nick Diaz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson got into it a little bit over the weekend in Las Vegas, when the Stockton brawler was caught on camera trying to steal Rampage’s girl right from underneath his nose. The incident was posted by Rampage on his official Instagram account with a caption calling Diaz out.

“@nickdiaz209 got me fucked up! I wouldn’t never try to talk to his chick! I feel soo disrespected,like right in my face. Come to my weight class boi! @msbella_latina,” Rampage posted on Instagram with the caption.

In the clip, Diaz strolls up from behind Rampage and his girl, and tries to use his best pickup lines on the unsuspecting woman. The former UFC light heavyweight champion of the world would have none of it however, and would confront Diaz immediately.

“I would never do this to you,” said Rampage, repeatedly telling Diaz to back off.

Take it with a grain of salt however, as both of these guys are masters at creating a scene. What went down was just a little too scripted for our tastes.


Nick Diaz Recalls That Time Rampage Tried To Steal His Girl

Then it could be sweet revenge for Diaz, who once told a story about Rampage trying to steal a girl he was in tol way back before he even joined the UFC. Diaz said that because he was just a shy teenager at the time, there was no way he could tell Rampage to back off. He detailed the story in a previous interview.

“So he walks up to this girl,” Diaz says. “I’m with this girl in line and they all come in behind us and he goes, ‘Yo, yo, is that your girl?’ I’m 16, 17. She’s sitting right there and I kind of like her but she’s not (Diaz’s girlfriend), so I’m not gonna say to him like yeah she’s my girlfriend. I’m like, ‘No, she’s my friend.’ And he goes, ‘Yo girl, yo girl, yo girl, what’s your style?’ And she’s all ‘What are you talking about? What are you talking about?’ And he’s all ‘Oh, doggy style, doggy style!’ Then, I was like, what! He was getting all hype-y on her right and I was just like ‘oh man.'”

“I can’t say anything. I’m looking at this giant Rampage character and I’m like, ‘F–k’ and there’s another team of dudes. I’m like, ‘Bitch, what did you want me to say? What you want me to say to this guy?’ He was joking and he respectfully asked me, ‘Is that your girl?’ and I was like ‘Uh, well, you know, I want her to be!’

VIDEO: Rampage Jackson and Nick Diaz Get Into Altercation About a Girl

Here is the video clip posted on Rampage’s official Instagram account. Is it staged or not? You be the judge.

Jackson doesn’t appear to be at all concerned with what Diaz is doing. And Diaz just mumbles off and you can’t really understand anything he says. Sounds more like something out of a professional wrestling skit than a real altercation.

Anyways, we miss both of these guys competing in the UFC. Those were the glory days of Mixed Martial Arts. But we’re glad they’re enjoying themselves now.

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