Mariusz Pudzianowski faces another UFC heavyweight veteran this week, and he’s looking fast and massive, as usual…

Former worlds strongest man and current KSW MMA heavyweight Mariusz Pudzianowski is a curious case. Usually, bodybuilders don’t exactly make good MMA fighters. In fact, in the few cases that exist, strongmen and bodybuilders tend to be too large and slow.

There are so few examples of bodybuilders even becoming mediocre fighters, that Pudzianowski is possibly among the most successful. Although he has never been UFC material, Pudzianowski has racked up some decent wins during his career.

Currently competing for KSW, Poland’s premier MMA organization, ‘Pudz’ has faced some stiff competition. While compiling an 11-5 (1 NC) record, Pudzianowski has beaten UFC veterans Oli Thompson and Sean McCorkle, as well as KO’ing Rolles Gracie at KSW 31.

Not at all bad considering this guy’s previous competitive experience involved pulling planes down runways and lifting heavy rocks.

Mariusz Pudzianowski lands a left hand during his TKO win over Popek Monster, a rapper with tattooed eyeballs…

Pudzianowski Faces UFC Veteran James McSweeney Next

At KSW 40 in Dublin, Ireland, Pudzianowski faces UFC veteran James McSweeney. During his career, McSweeney’s best win came against Matt Mitrione. Although he faces a considerable size disadvantage, McSweeney surely has a technical and skill advantage.

During a recent video posted to Youtube, Pudzianowski displayed some rather terrifying hand speed:

YouTube video

KSW Will Likely See 3Arena Sold Out

According to Bloody Elbow, the huge ticket sales for KSW 40 have been encouraging to the CEO Maciej Kawulski:

“KSW continues to break records,” Kawulski said. “It’s our very first show in Ireland, a new market for us, and the response so far has exceeded our expectations. We knew we would have the support of the Polish living in Ireland, but the Irish MMA fans have bought tickets in their droves.”

“Great UK based promotions have staged events in the 3Arena,” said Kawulski. “We have outsold them on our first trip into this region. If you break international records you’re a good businessman, if you break local records you are a conqueror. We like to be both.”

YouTube video

Norman Parke Seeks Revenge

After a brutal war against Mateusz Gamrot, UFC veteran Norman Parke wants payback at KSW 40. The first fight saw Gamrot bite Parke during one of the exchanges, and the judges decision appeared to be ‘shady,’ to say the least.

“He shot in for a single leg, you know, and he was trying it a few times,” Parke explained, in an interview with Obviously Fight Talk, setting the scene for the incident. “So, he shot in for the single leg and I stayed heavy on it. And we were there for maybe 30 seconds a couple of times and I was threatening to go for a guillotine, but he was defending that pretty well. And then I thought I’d try and restrict his breathing, so I cupped my hand – you’re allowed to do it – I cupped my hand and placed it over his mouth to try and lead him into letting me sneak into a guillotine or something. But, he just slipped the head inside, popped my finger in and bit pretty hard. And that’s where it led from there.

“I kept gesturing to the ref to stop it. I said he bit me, but I don’t think he was really listening to it at the start. Until I actually says ‘Look, look, look.’ And then he says time. But definitely he bit the finger, I know he did it on purpose. Because I says to him after the fight, I says to him, ‘You did that on purpose. You knew I was too heavy on top, you weren’t gonna get me down.’ And he just said, ‘Ah, you’re too strong.’ Never mentioned anything about biting my finger.”

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  1. I`ve had chance to interview Pudzian earlier during his career when he was a strongman and he`s very cool and relexed guy, he might not be a UFC champion material just yet but maybe someday, he`s certainly improving from fight to fight.

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