TikTok works as a short-format video platform that resumes growing the business. These days brands are striving hard to mark up their social media presence. Indeed, 2022 reports that over 50% of brands like Google don’t leverage their platforms. This article explains the top TikTok trends to elevate the business marketing performance.

Fun Fact: Based on research, 44% of marketers leverage their business through TikTok. Above all, 49% of followers use TikTok to make their purchasing decisions. From this, it is evident that TikTok helps to improve your business marketing. So, start to create your content on TikTok trends, filters, videos, live streams, and duets. Now, you can get the best chance to increase your organic prospects after you buy tiktok followers that drive better engagement.

Let us see the top TikTok trends, how to find relevant TikTok trends and how to use them on your TikTok profile.

Top 3 TikTok Trends That Every B2B & B2C Marketers Should Try

1. TikTok’s New Feature Of Stitch & Duets

Are you finding the best options to improve your business marketing as B2B or B2C marketers? If so, TikTok offers the new feature of your innovativeness through – Stitch and Duets. Now, start to take inspiration from your existing TikTok content and optimize new videos. Then, with the innovative and funny features on the TikTok platform, try to look at your competitors.

How Does TikTok Stitch Work?

Now, do you have any view of starting with the TikTok Stitch? If not, here you have pretty good options to improve your Stitch videos. The TikTok Stitch feature lets the users make a short format video from other TikTok user videos. Also, TikTok Stitch merges as new TikTok video features for video marketing. Meanwhile, if you want to reach your potential audiences, then use Trollishly, where you can improve your visibility and exposure.

Benefits Of TikTok Stitch

  • The TikTok Stitch turns on and off either way for every video. It helps in gaining more video exposure.
  • It helps redefine and add to other users’ content by building their business Stories on TikTok.

How TikTok Duets Works For Marketing?

TikTok Duets lets you use other TikTok users’ videos in a different format. Also, you can place your TikTok duet videos with the original videos, where both play simultaneously. Try to use the TikTok split-screen format; it looks like people are replying to your videos with their content.

Further, duets let create new and unique content and collaborate with content creators over the platform. New layouts offer the best chance to make creative TikTok content. For instance, TikTok duets have options of side-by-side or up-down. In addition, TikTok users can find new methods to interact with videos and reinvent the existing content.

Fun Fact: 43% of TikTok users get their profile engagement by posting a Duet video.

Did you know that TikTok Duets and Stitch are popular TikTok trends? Of course, TikTok serves the best potential to increase brand awareness to a higher range. Now, engagement and reach are two primary objectives that every social media marketer strives to do. So, enter the TikTok platform and use these viral TikTok trends as a golden chance for a few businesses in 2022.

2. Focus On Sounds Instead Of Hashtags

No other social media platform works on sound features than TikTok, whose critical goal is to focus on TikTok sounds. Based on reports, 88% of users on TikTok report that the sound features on the platform are the primary to the complete app’s experience. The report also states that the TikTok sounds took 47% of video view rates during 2021 from the For You page compared to the TikTok hashtags.

From the popular TikTok brand marketing report, it is clear that 80% of the top-performing videos have music with trending TikTok music. Keeping this in mind, brands must organize the use of TikTok sounds while posting on the platform. In contrast, hashtags are significant in assisting you in reaching your potential audience. Yet, selecting the right TikTok sounds will offer perfect reach.

3. TikTok Live Sessions Improves Popularity

Video content marketing is the future of social media marketing. Nowadays, regular TikTok videos with TikTok Live videos are becoming popular.

Fun Fact: According to the study, the usage of Live video content doubled over the last year. Also, it occurred over every social media platform that enabled video content.

Further, TikTok highlights the significance of Live sessions to make their users engaged on social media. The TikTok app has video content with the best feature of checking the current live streaming trends. Above all, TikTok creators can schedule their business event where the followers will get a notification and reminder at the time of the Live event.

Benefits Of TikTok Live Sessions

  • The visibility of this new TikTok Live feature enhances promotional content.
  • Creators can share the event through in-app messages or promote it with their TikTok videos using a Live countdown sticker.
  • Another latest TikTok trend is co-hosting Live videos. Co-hosted TikTok Live videos work with one co-host, and after its deployment, TikTok started to take up the testing go Live with many hosts.

Things To Follow

Every day, there is a new TikTok trend on the platform. Now, keeping this in mind, try to focus on the best TikTok trends that fit your brand tone and values. If you are marketing as a B2B or B2C marketer, try to follow the popular TikTok trends that leverage your business reach and ever-growing TikTok followers. Henceforth, if you are curious about updating your TikTok business profile performance, then start using Trollishly to drive better conversions.

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