WATCH: Petty Paulie Spits at Artem Lobov… Chaos Erupts

By Darren
WATCH: Petty Paulie Spits at Artem Lobov… Chaos Erupts

If You Weren’t on the GOAT’s Side Before, You Surely Will be Now… Paulie Malignaggi Has Attracted Massive Criticism After Spitting at Artem Lobov… 

Spitting at another man is one of the most insulting things you can. Some people would actually prefer to be punched than spat on because its seen to be so disrespectful. Paulie Malignaggi has found himself the brunt of massive criticism after spitting on Artem Lobov, in the build-up to their bare-knuckle boxing match.

The pair are set to fight in Florida next month and their rivalry has intensified over the last couple of months. Lobov’s relationship with Conor McGregor made fighting him the next best thing to taking on ‘The Notorious’ for Malignaggi. Now though ‘The Magic Man’ has infuriated the combat sports world with his cringe-worthy hardman act.

Check out the clip below where visible saliva can be seen flying from his mouth towards the former UFC fighter. Paulie has let himself down here big time.


The pair are set to fight on June 22 in Tampa, Florida. In the clip above (courtesy of MMA Fighting), you can see them facing off with BKFC company president David Feldman in the middle of the two men, as well as a number of massive security guards.

First of all, Malignaggi bangs Lobov on the head with a microphone. The pair continue to trash talk to each other. The New Yorker keeps telling Lobov to stop pointing at him, and that’s when Malignaggi spits at him. It doesn’t look like he managed to spit on the Russian, but Feldman caught some of it.

Lobov then tries to lash out with a kick and the two men are dragged away from each other.


Their relationship is clearly going to get worse before it gets better. Spitting is not unheard of in combat sports, but if there’s one way to get everybody to want your teeth knocked out it is doing that. Malignaggi then made things worse with some very disturbing and graphic trash talk. He said:

“I’m gonna take out my d**k after I knock his teeth out, and I’m gonna p*** in that toothless mouth.”

Really Paulie. Really? We definitely didn’t need that graphic image in our heads.

Fight Time

This will be a fascinating fight. Malignaggi is undoubtedly the best boxer Lobov has ever fought. The former WBA and IBF champion might be 38 and out of shape, but he’ll still be very dangerous. It will be fascinating to see how he copes with the transition.

Will his notoriously brittle hands be able to cope with striking with no gloves? That’s one of the biggest questions. Lobov may have an advantage in the clinch because of his MMA background. Unlike conventional boxing, there are no separations in the bare-knuckle game. Plus, Lobov has had the experience of five full rounds in a bloody battle with Jason Knight.

On paper, this is very well-matched. It will be fascinating to see how these two men get on – and how they respond to each other in victory and defeat after such a toxic buildup.