Top Five Diaz vs McGregor Viral Moments

UFC 202 is less than 3 weeks away, and barring any last-minute injury we are going to see a rematch of possibly the most talked about fight in UFC’s history.

The MMA world went into an all-out state of frenzy after Nate choked out Conor at UFC 196, with some fans simply not able to think or talk about anything else for days after it happened.

What we didn’t know then was that UFC 196 was just the end to the first chapter of this story; the second chapter being written at UFC 202.

Should Nate win for a second straight time that will probably end the rivalry.  A 2nd loss for Conor would mean a renewed focus on his Featherweight title and a rematch with Jose Aldo. It would also most likely mean a significant blow to his drawing power.

A win for Conor could re-ignite “the Conor McGregor show” as it was to be written before Nate Diaz sent it spiralling into cancellation.

With just 18 more sleeps to go until Conor vs. Nate 2, it seems fitting to run down the top 5 viral moments of their rivalry thus far.

Continue for their best viral moments…

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