Even the casual MMA fans know that the UFC Reebok deal sucks, but who’d have thought they could make these stupid mistakes….

The UFC-Reebok deal is the wart on the proverbial ass of the mixed martial arts world. Less than a year in, and the partnership has produced some of the most offensive, ridiculous and amateur mistakes possible.

The sponsorship/uniform policy implemented in 2015 makes UFC fighters look like geeks, or power rangers some feel, and that’s just the start of it. As if that weren’t bad enough, the deal is costing the fighters hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship checks with it’s tight pursed payouts.

reebok rda

So the uniform looks and money aspect aside, the Reebok deal still had a chance to shine through with their long awaited fighter gear product line. Shine they did not, as a long string of errors and bloopers led to the landmark partnership sinking like a turd chained to a cement block.

Relive the top 5 most ridiculous UFC Reebok fighter gear mistakes right here…


5. Giblert Melendez

The first wave of UFC Reebok fighter gear, and the first epic fail. ‘Giblert’ or Gilbert as he’s actually known, represents the first in a long line of stinkers from Reebok.

In their defense though, this particular blooper led to some hilarious memes, including this:


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