Top Five Worst Nicknames In UFC History

Keith Berish

Keith “Sha Bang Bang” Berish

And topping off this list is the Keith Berish masterpiece, “Sha Bang Bang.”

I can’t believe how much thought was put into this nickname. I mean, can you? Hours upon hours of back-and-forth must have gone before a decision was made on “Sha Bang Bang.” I’m curious to know, what were the other choices? It’s hard to fathom, that there wasn’t at least one other option better than “Sha Bang Bang.”

Take note, this is an undefeated fighter we’re talking about here too. He was injured in the Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale and no one knows what’s become of him since, but should he ever come back to MMA, then at least he’d be known for probably the worst nickname in UFC history.

At least on this list he is.

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