This is a combo hit in terms of offensiveness. Ronda Rousey’s crushing KO loss to Holly Holm was met with a crazy backlash of memes, but this one stands out above most others.

Taking a jab at the KO loss and also Ronda’s boyfriend Travis Browne’s domestic violence allegations-Harsh bro.


Dana’s Darlings

As 2016 rolled in, the UFC’s motives became a lot clearer. Promoting the stars who could bring in the most revenue might be shrewd business, but many fans can see right through it.

All of ‘Dana’s Darling’ suffered their first UFC losses this past year, and this meme was aimed directly at the UFC president.


The Gazelle

The lead up to UFC 196 was filed with trash talk from Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, all 11 days of it anyways. One particular line stood out during their heated interview on FOX, as McGregor referred to Diaz as an ‘injured gazelle.’

Diaz responded by saying ‘this is America motherf*cker, no-one knows what a gazelle is.’ Well, the deceased Steve Irwin certainly does, and his meme of UFC 196 has been used countless times by Diaz fans during online keyboard wars.


Bill Cosby-UFC knockout Artist

The accusations of molestation hurled at Bill Cosby would spawn a number of hurtful and offensive memes. This particular one makes the list because of both timing and levels of insane offensiveness.

Holly Holm finally figured out how to knock Ronda Rousey out, but unlike ol’ Bill, she didn’t need roofies to do it.

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