In 2017’s first case of “Tweet and Delete”, Ronda Rousey’s love interest, UFC heavyweight contender Travis “Hapa” Browne came rushing to the former women’s bantamweight champion’s defense. Rousey was of course brutally knocked out in 48-seconds last Friday night at UFC 207. The defeat came at the hands of “The Lioness” Amanda Nunes in the card’s main event.

After the bout, Rousey stormed out of the Octagon and went straight to the locker room, avoiding interaction with media. It wasn’t the most gracious exit from the former best female fighter in the world. Certainly not as her fans and those who have followed her career would have hoped for.

Ronda Rousey Loss

Ronda Rousey Was Brutally KO’d Last Friday Night By Amanda Nunes

Many critics bashed Rousey’s boxing skills or lack thereof, ridiculing her gameplan to strike with a knockout artist in Nunes. Rousey had spent a year away from the limelight and from competition. But it appears she had made very little improvement from her last loss, also a knockout setback to Holly Holm

And as Rousey has discovered in the aftermath of her abrupt fall from grace, the internet can be a mean and nasty place.

Various memes, some genuinely funny and others not so much, emerged from the bowels of cyberspace. One video however went viral. Top Bellator welterweight contender Michael “Venom” Page released a video on social media of him dancing in the streets, mimicking Rousey getting punched-out by Nunes in a dance he coined as “The Rousey”.

The Ronda Rousey Dance – By Michael Venom Page

Browne, who is Rousey’s current boyfriend, obviously did not like what he saw. He took to Twitter to vent his displeasure. And in a Tweet directly to Page, Browne challenged the Bellator rising star to a fight.

The Tweet read: “F*ck you @Michaelpage247 I’m ready any time b*tch”.

The Tweet however was immediately deleted but not in time before internet trolls could get a screenshot of it. Here is the Tweet before Browne tried to backtrack on it. It was posted by

Travis Browne Deleted Tweet
Travis Browne Deleted Tweet

Here Is The Deleted Tweet

Page is a 29-year-old from London, England trying to make a name for himself as one of the top welterweights in MMA. His unusual style has already garnered him attention among hardcore circles. But Page has taken it upon himself to do some self-promotion.

Page would probably be wise to stay away from Browne however, who might have nearly a hundred pounds on him.

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