It is pretty much obvious that both British heavyweight champions want to clash to unify all the heavyweight belts in the division. Tyson Fury was supposed to fight Wilder for the third time as per their rematch clause contract, although time has expired and Fury is now open to face whomever the promoter offers.

Deontay Wilder was given a one-sided beating and an immediate rematch could just make it worse for the American boxer. He could instead fight another boxer and improve his game and fight Fury when the time is right. Wilder has said that he wants to face Dillian Whyte if the Fury fight won’t happen.

Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn have been trying to make this fight happen, but it may be difficult as both have high egos in the sport. One of the reasons that boxing fights are difficult to make is because there are a lot of promoters in the game.

Tyson Fury tweeted a post of a tale of the tape between himself and Anthony Joshua. Is this a hint that the fight is close to happening. After Joshua’s win against Pulev, Bob Arum said that their team is working on making the Joshua vs Fury fight happen.

Will the fight really happen or will we wait a few more years when both champions are not in their primes anymore. It has been a while that we can possibly see the two best heavyweights clash.

During the Klitchschko era, both brothers were champions but refused to fight each other out of respect, they were the clear best heavyweights during their time. It was long until another fantasy fight that the fans wanted which was Wilder vs Joshua.

A lot of fans wanted to make the Wilder vs Joshua fight when they were undefeated. Sadly, the fight never happened out of contract negotiations. Wilder did not want to fight outside of the US, meanwhile, Joshua’s main attraction is the country UK. A lot of stories were made where Wilder or Joshua were ducking each other. It is basically he said, she said scenario.

But this time there is a bigger chance of making the fight happen. Although not yet official, according to Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum is that the super fight has a location secured and that both fighters will likely earn close to $100M. This may be the biggest fight purse, that is not a Mayweather fight, in a long time.

Of course, Fury needs to deal with the legal issues with Wilder first before anything else. Another hurdle that Joshua is facing is the mandatory challenger which is Oleksander Usyk. If Joshua won’t fight Usyk, there is a chance that he will be stripped of his belt, making the fight with Fury, not Undisputed.

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