Tyson Fury won’t fight the remainder of 2020

Due to the complications of the contract, Tyson Fury has decided not to fight in the remainder of the year 2020. Fury was ready to fight Agit Kabayel on December 5. Deontay Wilder then filed a legal case to honor their contract for a trilogy fight. Both fighters just fought last Feb 2020. Fury won decisively by knocking him out in under 7 rounds.

The contract had a rematch clause where the fighter that lost would have a choice if he wants a rematch. The rematch clause duration expired due to the pandemic and Wilder’s late response. Fury was ready to fight but due to legal complications, he has decided to move his fight next year 2021.

The Wilder vs Fury rivalry might be the biggest rivalry in modern heavyweight boxing so far. Fury had retired after beating Wladimir Klitschko. He was the lineal unified heavyweight champion of the world. He then suffered depression, became a drug addict and, fell into a dump. Anthony Joshua was then scheduled to fight for the vacant titles of Fury against Klitschko. It was an intense fight where Joshua became the victor.

A few years later, Fury decided to have a comeback to regain his throne. He started with a tune-up fight against Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta. He was then set to face Deontay Wilder. The build-up of their first fight was interesting because people are doubting Fury if he was ready to face Wilder. Fury’s father and promoter even said to have more tune-up fights but Fury insisted to fight Wilder.  The fight ended in a controversial draw but the fight itself was beyond phenomenal. Fury was slipping all the bombs of Wilder while hitting jabs and straights. The reason boxers have a hard time with Fury is that he uses feints that are hard to read. In the 9th round, Wilder had successfully knocked down Fury but was able to recover instantly. Fury then recovered in the following rounds as if nothing happened. The best moment of the match was in the 12th round when Wilder hit Fury flush which knocked out Fury. Miraculously, Fury was still conscious and went back up as if a man possessed. Although the fight ended in a draw, most fans would agree Fury won the fight.

Prior to the rematch, Fury decided to change his camp and train under Kronk Gym. He saw a potential gameplan that might work against Wilder. It proved to be successful as he won the rematch. The gameplan was pressure Wilder non-stop and force him to backpedal. The fight had several knockdowns until Wilder’s corner has decided to stop the fight.

Deontay Wilder did not accept the loss well enough since he accused Fury of cheating. The first excuse was that his armor was too heavy and it hindered his legs during the fight. Another excuse was glove tampering where the gloves of Fury were loosened, the last excuse was there was a traitor in his corner that threw the towel.

The excuses made by Wilder is not a good image for him publicly. A champion must own up to his loss fair and square and not keep making excuses. Fury had a better gameplan and was the better boxer that night. He needs to keep training and grinding. Focus on getting better and not make excuses.

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