These mostly unseen fight videos eventually became the idea that started the UFC. In one fight, a Gracie BJJ family member of 150 lbs. takes on a gigantic bodybuilder, it’s insane!

The Gracie challenge is an open invitation by the most well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu family in the world. Their roots in MMA are unquestionable, as Royce Gracie was a multiple-time UFC tournament winner in the promotion’s early days.

The challenge is an open invitation to all comers, and welcomes people from all walks of life and martial arts to fight Gracie family members at any time, and in any location. An invitation that has been answered by many fighters.


The idea of the Gracie challenge was to demonstrate the effectiveness of the family’s fighting system. The first Gracie challenge can be dated way back to 1920, when Carlos Gracie welcomed fighters to a Vale Tudo style no holds barred bout.

Many of these fights were secretive and took place behind closed doors, but there are a few instances where video cameras were present. It wasn’t until the last few years that these Gracie challenge fight videos became public, and they are truly awesome to watch.

As in the early UFC days, the Gracie family members were often outweighed by massive amounts, making their BJJ that much more impressive.

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