Here’s a clue, it ain’t Holly Holm. The UFC just acquired some new land in Las Vegas, Nevada and they plan on putting it to good use….

The UFC continues to grow as the biggest mixed martial arts organization of our age. Having hit their first stadium show in the form of UFC 193 at the Etihad in Melbourne, Australia, the promotion is now looking to boost their home soil operations also.

Breaking the ground on their newly acquired land in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC will now call that location their corporate headquarters.

Here’s how UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta described the new complex:

“The key foundation of this development is going to be our investment into our athletes and what we’re doing in the new UFC health and performance center,” Ferttita said. “This truly will become an international center for excellence.”

“If you unfortunately get an injury or blow out your knee, now we’re going to invite you to come to Las Vegas where you can live here, stay here and we can actually take care of you,” Fertitta said. “It’s no different than if you play for a professional sports team and you get injured, you have to show up at the rehabilitation center until you get cleared.”

“All of the other major sports leagues — the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, the NHL and Major League Soccer — are all located in New York City,” Fertitta said. “The fact is, the UFC has now risen to that level in the sports landscape, and I’m proud that the UFC is located here in Las Vegas. It’s an incredible city and a great place for us to live and work.”

That’s not all, there’s going to be a conference room and restaurant on the new complex, no prizes for guessing who they get named after.

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