Being an undisputed champion clearly means you are the best fighter in the world, but there is another champion called interim which means temporary. Usually champions being off of the ring for too long, the promotion or organization will set an interim title fight just to have a temporary champion.

Interim Champion are highly expected to fight for the undisputed title next. Many were shocked with the news that the UFC booked Derrick Lewis vs Ciryl Gane for an interim fight just a week after Gane won the main event against Alexander Volkov.

There were reports that Francis Ngannou will defend his belt against Derrick Lewis to which many expected the official fight date to be announced soon. It was then revealed that Ngannou declined to fight August 7 but accepted for September instead.

The UFC later announced for the interim title fight which is basically unfair for Ngannou as he was not given a fair amount of time to rest and enjoy his rewards. Yes, champions need to defend their belts but there were some champions who have not defended their belt far longer and yet the UFC did not make an interim title fight.

What is strange is that Ngannou’s second title run, he waited for quite a while and yet the UFC did not even give him an interim title shot. Booking an interim title fight could potentially devalue the undisputed title since it basically means there are two champions in the division. What is also crazy is that Ngannou just fought Miocic 3 months ago.

No could blame Lewis or Gane for taking the fight as it is a big opportunity to become a champion. It is on the UFC’s decision to book a interim fight that could backfire on the legitimacy of the sport. One of the reasons why some hate boxing is that there are too many belts and champions that the best don’t fight the best. Many like UFC because they always provide the highest level in competition.

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