UFC has parted ways with “The Soldier of God”

Yoel Romero has parted ways with the UFC. It was unexpected since he still had three fights in his contract, he may have lost his last 3 fights but he was still proven to be one of the scariest dudes to fight.

Romero has fought for the title four times and always came short. There was one fight he won but he missed weight against Luke Rockhold. There was also a lack of action in his fight with Adesanya.

Coming to the Adesanya fight, fans thought the fight would be fireworks due to Romero always having exciting fights. But when he fought Adesanya, both just waited for each other out for counterattack making it lackluster for the fans to watch.

Some fans speculated that Romero should have had an urgency to fight since it may have been his last chance to fight for the title. What happened in the opening bell was he just stood still for almost a minute and waited for Adesanya to overthrow.

It was later realized that Romero only has fun fights when his opponents bring the fight to him. Romero has been waiting to explode in a few seconds per round, to conserve his energy for the later round but Adesanya chose to fight outside.

Romero’s last post was about fighting Jake Paul in a boxing match. After his fellow Cuban friend, Jorge Masvidal posted a tweet about Romero fighting Paul he then replied with a GIF.

Romero has had nice moments inside the Octagon. His fight with Whittaker was one of the best fights to see in UFC history, sadly for him he lost both. The fight with Costa was also like the battle of two superhumans so that was also a fun fight.

Romero was known as the man who defied logic. He is a genetic freak because even though he is 43 years old, his physique is like that of a Greek god. One of the most athletically and genetically gifted the UFC has gotten.




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