UFC Produces Rap Tune For Jose Aldo, And It Will Make Your Ears Bleed

By Salvador Sanchez
UFC Produces Rap Tune For Jose Aldo, And It Will Make Your Ears Bleed

OK, so at least the UFC isn’t spending all their money on hyping Conor McGregor. That said, this rap tune they’ve produced for Jose Aldo is just horrendous…

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo will attempt to overcome rather strange odds at UFC 194. Conor McGregor, the interim champion, is the bookies favorite ahead of the unification bout, in the face of Aldo’s ten year unbeaten streak and reign as the only ever featherweight UFC champ.

Not only does the Brazilian champion face the fighting odds against McGregor, but he is also up against the Reebok deal and the UFC itself. The promotion has spent countless dollars pushing Conor McGregor as the next big star, all the while Aldo has been blasting them for it, as well as bad mouthing the Reebok deal.

As a result of his opposition to the UFC and their new, terrible, partners Reebok, as well as his perceived lack of motivation in using the pre-packaged hype formula the UFC pushes, Aldo has been painted as the imposter to the title.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and once again the UFC is banking on McGregor coming through for them. They know that a win for the Irish star is indeed a victory for the UFC itself, in particular in lining the pockets of the Zuffa brass.

It might surprise you to learn that the UFC has produced a rap tune for the champion, but it may not surprise you to learn that it features two tone deaf rappers and some seriously corny beats.

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