Few people are able to grasp how evolutionary Conor McGregor’s striking is, but this guy perfectly breaks down McGregors skills. Jose Aldo might want to watch this…

UFC interim featherweight kingpin Conor McGregor will step up to the plate at UFC 194 on December 12, as he takes on the best featherweight of all-time. MMA has never been ruled by anyone but Jose Aldo, at least not for as long a period, or anywhere near as dominant a champ as ‘Scarface’ has been.

The big story behind Aldo vs. McGregor is their intense rivalry. Having been originally slated to square off at UFC 189, the hype continued as the Brazilian striker was injured and replaced by Chad Mendes.

ufc 194 conor mcgregor jose aldo

‘The Notorious’ knocked out Chad Mendes to capture the junior belt in Aldo’s absence, setting up a huge unification bout with his rival in Las Vegas, Nevada. No one in the UFC has managed to solve the puzzle of McGregor’s striking so far, but will ‘Scarface’ be the one?

One person does seem to have a pretty good grasp on the unique striking style of Conor McGregor’s striking, and he’s an anonymous British writer and analyst who goes by the pen name ‘Jack Slack.’

Skip to page 2 for the incredibly detailed and accurate breakdown of Conor McGregor’s striking… 

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