Naoya Inoue stops Michael Dasmarinas in the THIRD

Naoya “The Monster” Inoue made quick night at the office as he stops #1 IBF ranked, Michael Dasmarinas in the third round with a brutal liver shot which is also Inoue’s signature move. Inoue has stopped most of his opponents due to the power and precision of his punches.

The fight had a lot of actions from the get go, both fighters were feeling each other in the first round but Inoue clipped Dasmarinas a few times. After getting his timing, Inoue started to invest in the body more that knocked Dasmarinas down in the second round.

When Inoue landed the body shot there was delayed reaction for Dasmarinas that made him cover up. Inoue then landed a few more punches to the head that forced Dasmarinas to take a knee. It was somewhat a breather for Dasmarinas, he still got up and survived the round.

In the third round, Inoue kept digging to body and Dasmarinas had no answer to. It was until Dasmarinas couldn’t take the shots anymore. The liver shots were so brutal that you could really hear the sound of the impact. Dasmarinas was knocked down once more, and you can really see the pain from his face. He got back up but Inoue then landed one more that forced the referee to stop the fight.

Inoue proved once more why he is the best at his division. What is next for him? He could fight the winner of Casimero vs Donaire which is also a title unifying belt. It definitely makes sense for the fight to be made. Donaire gave Inoue one of the hardest fights and he was also present in the fight.

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