It’s not often an incredible fight like this happens, but when these two threw down, it was pure entertainment. Much respect to both warriors, watch the video here…

Over the years we’ve seen some classic fights in boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, but very few could be described as the greatest of their genre. The subject of today’s article is by far the most incredible kickboxing fight you will see.

K-1 MAX 2010 in Seoul, South Korea was the venue, and they pitted ‘Iron’ Mike Zambidis against Chahid Oulad El Hadj in the event’s final 16 stage. Few expected a competitive bout given Zambidis’ perceived superior pedigree as a fighter, but they were all very wrong.


Zambidis had won multiple titles in kickboxing, and was renowned for his vicious power and aggressive style. ‘The Pitbull’ El Hadj is a Moroccan-Dutch kickboxer who has won a few titles at national level, but many believed this would be a squash match for the more qualified ‘Iron’ Mike.

What transpired will go down in history as the single most entertaining and back-and-forth K-1 fight of all-time. You could argue it’s the greatest kickboxing match ever also, and it was a lot closer than originally expected.

Knockdowns, blood, cuts and guts were the story of this amazing fight, so classic in fact they rematched two years later.

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